Milwaukee 48-22-0225 25' Wide Blade Tape Measure

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• (1) 25' Wide Blade Tape Measure

• Up to 14' of Standout
• Longest, Straightest Standout*
• Anti-Tear Coating Reinforces the first 6" of the Tape Blade
• Nylon Bond Blade Protection Reduces Tape Tear
• Impact-Resistant 5-Point Reinforced Frame
• Finger stop delivers tape retraction control
• 2-Sided Printing For Easy Reading
• Architectural Scale
• Wire Form Belt Clip
• Lanyard-Ready for Quick and Easy Tethering

• Length: 3.5"
• Height: 3.1"
• Width: 2.35"
• Weight: 1.22

The MILWAUKEE® 25ft Wide Blade Tape Measures have the longest, straightest standout and up to 14' of standout for extended reach and efficiency. The straight standout is highly usable and makes it easier to measure long distances alone. The tape measures are wear and impact-resistant with nylon bond blade protection and an additional coating on the first 6” of the blade, reducing tape tear. The measuring tapes are constructed with a 5-point reinforced frame for impact resistance.

Customer Reviews

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Serge does windows
Would love to buy this tape measure again but...

Great tape measur! Ergonomic, sturdy, really a joy to work with. But quality socks. Not even 2 weeks old and the blade developed a crack. I've started looking for replacement blades online, just to replace the blade and not the whole tape measure. Aaaiugh... sucks to throw it away.

best tape measure- helpful customer service

I bought a Milwaukee tape measure, which broke within about a year. I couldn't find my receipt so I didn't expect a warranty replacement. However, I contacted them at some point and forgot about it. They then contacted me, an insisted on replacing the tape measure anyway! I will continue buying Milwaukee products. What a difference it makes to have an accomodating friendly customer service approach like this. People will sometimes take advantage of these types of businesses, but I believe overall, goodness weighs in and wins out.

Geoff M
Love these tapes!

Tape measures are an essential part of any construction project, and this tape measure is an essential tool that is incredible comfortable. The numbers and marks are clear to read, and the tape measure is very comfortable in the hand. I'm definitely going to be using the Milwaukee wide blades for now!

Very sturdy and durable

I really this tape measurer and how the font size is big. I like the width of the tape and how the whole thing is easy to grasp. I also like the device that allows you to mark and stop the tape measurer from retracting.

Easy to read the numbers on the tape.

The Milwaukee 25 ft Wide Blade Tape The Milwaukee 25ft Wide Blade Tape Measure is easy to read all the way down to the sixteenth. I like that it is strong and not easy bendable when measuring long

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