Milwaukee 48-22-1512 Self Retracting Utility Knife

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• (1) Self Retracting Utility Knife

• Self Retracting
• Tool Free Blade Change
• Metal Body
• Stores 5 Extra Blades
• Lanyard Hole
• Two Blade Positions

• Length: 6.52"
• Height: 1.41"
• Width: 0.89"

The MILWAUKEE® Self-Retracting Utility Knife features a self-retracting blade mechanism retracts the blade when the button is released. The Milwaukee retractable blade utility knife offers tool-free blade changes for quick and efficient changes and on-board storage for up to 5 blades. The two blade positions allow users to choose the cutting depth of the blade to minimize damage from over-cutting. The lightweight utility knife has a slim, all-metal body that takes up less space while standing up to the toughest job sites.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Concannon
This Utility Knife will spoil all over utility knives for you!

I found this knife because I was looking specifically for one with a tool-less access for blade changes. I had one with this feature through art school and beyond and I was absolutely in love with it. I think it's still in my possession somewhere but I haven't seen it in a while and wanted to have a couple anyway: one for the tool tote, one for the junk drawer, etc.

This knife has a great fit for your hand with the way it's shaped. It doesn't feel cheap. I actually wouldn't mind if it had a little more heft to it, but that is 100% a personal weirdo preference and doesn't actually come with any tangible benefits that I can think of. The blade is rounded (safety!) and of course it retracts automatically (more safety!!!). That might not have worked for me in my art school days when I needed to make nice sharp cuts with a pointy blade, but it's great for my current needs of opening boxes and whatnot.

In summation, I am VERY HAPPY with this purchase! I bought two and I might buy a third!

Timothy Falkenberg

Haven't received it yet because FedEx lost the shipment I nicknamed Wilson

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