Milwaukee 48-22-4160 25' Fish Stick Combo Kit

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• (1) 25' Fish Stick Combo Kit

• Reinforced Connection Points
• Glow in the Dark
• Knurled Grip
• Protective Anti-Splinter Coating
• Low and Mid Flexibility
• Color Coded by Flexibility
• 5' Individual Sticks
• Includes (4) Low and (1) Mid Flex Sticks
• Includes Bullet Nose and Hook Tips
• Includes Storage Tube
• Accessory Storage in Tube Cap
• Compatible with All Milwaukee Fish Sticks and Fish Stick Accesssories

• Length: 300"
• Height: 0.31"
• Width: 0.31"
• Weight: 1.7

Milwaukee® Fish Sticks feature the most durable connections and brightest glow. The knurled grip provides easy threading while a coating protects against splinters. Available in low, mid, and high flexibility each 5' stick is color coded by flexibility for easy identification. All Milwaukee fish sticks and fish stick accessories are compatible with one another.

Customer Reviews

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Indy Elecra
Best set of fish sticks I've ever owned.

Most my career I've used the 3 pack from the store, Klein, GB, what have you. While $200 seems pretty steep for fish sticks, u caught em on sale and believe I paid $150. Knowing what u know now though, I'd pay full price. The different flexes come in extremely handy,. The stiff ones will push the insulation out of the way or go right thru it, 5he high flex is capable of making those bends when you've gotta get down the wall with it near the top plate.

The attachments that screw in are pretty innovative. Can't say one way or another on the magnet, but the lighted tip, hook, and the rubber cosated steel cable are all well designed and and made. Light is far more useful than I'd figure, and the eyelet us actually big enough to fit a wire in. The case is super nice, looks great and easy to keep all your parts together. No broken plastic tubes. Even at $200 I gotta recommend.

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