Milwaukee 48-22-4162 50' Polyester Fish Tape w/ Nonconductive Tip

Sale price$ 79.99 Regular price$ 125.00


• (1) Fish tape

• High Flexibility Polyester Tape
• Triple Strand Design
• Low Friction Case
• Multi-Position Handle
• Square Inner Grip
• Anti-Catch Tip

• Length: 50'
• Height: 17.3"
• Width: 13.19"
• Weight: 3.55

Our Polyester Fish Tapes with Non-Conductive Tips feature a high flexibility tape for the easiest fishing. The triple strand design won't kink after repeated use and delivers a more durable tape. The non-conductive tip allows you to safely handle wire and cable in electrical applications. A low friction case provides you with a smooth payout and easy rewind. The fish tape features a multi-position handle allowing you to comfortably use the fish tape in any jobsite scenario.

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