Milwaukee 48-22-8119 Utility Pouch

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• 48-22-8119

• 1680D ballistic material
• Quick-attach belt loop
• Riveted seams
• 5x longer life
• Up to 4x stronger riveted seams
• Tape strap
• Adjustable belt attachments
• 8 Exterior pockets & 1 deep center pocket
• Lightweight and ergonomic

Milwaukee Tool’s Utility Pouch is specifically designed to provide storage solutions for the essential tools needed throughout the work day. The product features 1680D ballistic material construction, which provides 5x longer life and riveted seams resulting in a 4x stronger pouch. The Milwaukee Utility Pouch also features a quick attach belt loop that is designed to allow the pouch to quickly be attached or removed from a work belt. Lastly, the pouch has a tape strap designed for convenient access to electrical or pipe thread tape.

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Union Dick
I've tried many and come to live this

As the title says, I have come to live this. I work as an Electrician and needless to say that I have tried all types and can only recommend this one.
The brand at lowes flat out falls apart in one month. Husky which is good, is small and clunky.

The bag is large and sturdy and the way it is design to sit on my belt, which at first I thought this was going to be difficult but it isn't; distributes the weight perfectly.

I hold a tick tracer, full sized compact level, screwdriver, markers, tape and razor knife. Then, I use the main pocket for knipex or whatever.
This sucker lasts and the fact that I purchased it for a mere $20 on sale - still makes me laugh.

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