Milwaukee 48-22-8415 PACKOUT™ 2-Wheel Cart

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• Attachment points for stacking or hanging
• 400lbs Weight Capacity
• Part of the PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System
• Stack or Hang
• 400lbs Weight Capacity
• 10" Flat-Free Wheels
• Impact Resistant Body
• Integrated Long Tool Storage
• Compact Width
• Folding Load Plate for Compact Storage
• In-Board Wheels for Compact Design
• Modular Connectivity with ALL PACKOUT™ Components
• Part of the PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System

The MILWAUKEE® PACKOUT™ 2-Wheel Cart has integrated PACKOUT™ mounting on the base and frame to securely stack or hang PACKOUT™ products. This PACKOUT™ rolling cart easily transfers on and off the jobsite with a 400lb weight capacity and 10" industrial wheels. The 2-wheel tool cart is part of the PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System, the industry's most versatile and durable storage system. The PACKOUT™ System offers customizable storage solutions for easy transportation and organization of tools and accessories.

Customer Reviews

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Chris Mazan
Packout Cart

Way better then expected, in reviews I watched people complained about parts being plastic, but its tough stuff just like the boxes also if it was completelymetal it would be super heavy, its already got some weight to it. I'm 6'5 230 pounds and it wheeled me around no problems. One thing I would change is the way the blade locks down flat but doesn't lock when folded up, that would be nice. But it's a huge improvement over the box with wheels and has a smaller footprint to in storage. I like it!

Needs improvement but works

Like many of you, I own tens of thousands of dollars in Milwaukee tools and PackOut storage systems components and cases. We have gone as far as building out entire work vans specifically designed for sub contractors and trim carpenters. We have build custom van Caninetry to hold individual PackOut cases.

Really, there isn’t any peer level competitor to Milwaukee’s Packout system unless you look at the Featool tool cases and then it’s not a very good comparison. This is a shame because every large tool manufacturer should have a system that is focused on helping tradesman’s handymen be more efficient in their daily lives. PackOut tool cases are a part of making our workers more efficient with the time we pay them and also as a means in which we can reduce job site injuries. This dolly PackOut carrier is part of the attempt to both make our workers more efficient and reduce the lower back wear and tear.

What we like. Really, jus the integration with the PackOut case attachment. That’s really it.

What we don’t like? (1) heavy (2) plastic parts are fragile and easily broken (3) unbalance (4) not designed to really navigate rough terrain or go up and down stairs. (5) very difficult to lift up and store

Better alternative… hopefully Milwaukee will redesign in the future.

My crews would love to see (1) integrated dolly stair rollers or tracks. This would stop damage on finished stairs. (2) wheel on outside of frame and softer rubber. (3) better plastics and less of it. (4) add a quick release for the toe plate and a mid height appliance retractable strap.

No, but it could be great with a few tweeks!

I invested in the Packout system to easily transport tools on and off the job site. My work is primarily as a "Punch List Hit Man" for a few general contractors. This means that one day I might be working on framing, another on drywall, and another on trim work/cabinetry. This means different tools for each job. I need to bring different tools in, set up and roll out quickly on to the next job. Packout modularity makes this easy. Now I just need an effective way to roll the tools in, and this is NOT IT.

The Rolling Tool box isn't it either, because it means I ALWAYS have to take those tools on the job weather I need them or not. I was hoping this was the solution... FAIL.

Here's how Milwaukee could make this better...

1. Widen the wheel base. Put the wheels to the outside of the frame. This would increase the stability when rolling over ruff terrain. I have been embarrassed more than once when this has tipped over on me!

2. Set the wheels in closer so less of the radius is beyond the frame. This would help with stability issues and make pulling it up and down stairs easier.

3. Use a larger flat free tire. Again, this would help with stability on ruff real world job site terrain.

4. Use of plastic is fine, but the way this is constructed is so the horizonal cross braces snap down into the frame. I would love to be able to clamp my clamps between the 2 cross braces, but when I do this the bottom one snaps out of place. FAIL.

5. Increase the stability of the folding tray, and make it so that it fold with one hand.

Good concept, but I feel this is only a prototype and should have had better testing. I'd be happy to help with this!

Best cart ever strong and versatile!

Does the job exactly how it’s suppose to, love the ease it makes going from starting the job to finish.

Lil red
Products great love it

I'm electrician I love that I can have everything that I need with me only thing I don't like about it the handle could be a little bit more heavy duty the pop-up handle

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