Milwaukee 48-22-8690 6" Leveling Tripod Chain Vise

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• (1) Milwaukee® 6" Leveling Tripod Chain Vise

• Adjust Pitch ±3° to Level Materials
• Multi-Material Vise, Secures Up to 6” Pipe
• Balanced Carry Handle for Briefcase-Style Transportation
• Folds Flat for Van or Job Box Storage
• STABLE LOK™ Adjusts Tension for Steady Deck Throughout Life
• STABLE LOK™ Stabilizes Deck for Accurate Cuts
• Removable Foot Grips for Anchoring
• Grounding Tab for Welding Applications
• Removable Lower Shelf Available for Additional Storage (Sold Separately)
• SS & PVC Coated Pipe Jaws Also Available (Sold Separately)

The MILWAUKEE® 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise delivers unmatched portability and lifelong steadiness for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing tradesmen working with pipe, conduit, and other materials. Its flat-folding design and balanced carry handle enable briefcase-style transportation and compact storage in job boxes and service vans. The simple two-step deployment eliminates setup hassles delivering the quickest, painless setup. Equipped with STABLE LOK,™ contractors can easily adjust the tension to steady the deck throughout life, providing lifetime sturdiness. Featuring an adjustable leg for level alignments, contractors can pitch the deck +/- 3 degrees to level work materials and build systems to a pitch. With an expansive work surface, dedicated tool storage, and multi-material chain vise, this pipe stand tripod serves as a portable work desk for all tradesmen installing pipe, conduit, and other materials.?

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