Milwaukee 48-22-9415 15 Piece Combination Wrench Set - SAE

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• 1/4"
• 9/32"
• 5/16"
• 11/32"
• 3/8"
• 7/16"
• 1/2"
• 9/16"
• 5/8"
• 11/16"
• 3/4"
• 13/16"
• 7/8"
• 15/16"
• 1"

• MAX BITE™ Open-End Grip
• 25% More Torque
• Comfortable I-Beam Handle Design
• Ink-filled Size Labels
• Organized Storage Solution
• Lifetime Guarantee

Milwaukee has designed our Combination Wrenches from the ground up, delivering maximum torque and ultimate user comfort. The MAX BITE™ Open-End Grip improves the wrench's grip on nuts and bolts, and the geometry reduces rounding and stripping. MAX BITE™ offers 25% More Torque than competitive wrench designs. The Comfortable I-Beam Handle Design allows superior user comfort, even while applying high torque. Milwaukee wrenches feature Ink-Filled Size Labels for easy size identification, and quick distinction between SAE and metric sets. The 15pc kits come in

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Edward Huy

Milwaukee 48-22-9415 15 Piece Combination Wrench Set - SAE

Greg Miyauchi

Milwaukee 48-22-9415 15 Piece Combination Wrench Set - SAE

Robert Hill
Great finish

Nice rounded corners but a very wide tool. Hoping it doesn’t keep me from being able to use it in tight spots.

Fantastic Feature Rich Wrench Set!

Well I used to buy Craftsman and have some very fine Professional grade sets, unfortunately despite their “lifetime” guarantee they are no longer made so I can never actually replace them if I were to break one. So, because of this, I started looking for some high quality Lifetime guaranteed wrench sets to modernize my tool sets. There are plenty available for sure, but I found them all to be pretty much identical and having a wide range of cost none of them inspired me, then I came upon these gorgeous wrenches from Milwaukee and really appreciated their innovation and high-quality construction. Now I will readily admit that nearly every feature of these wrenches is available from other MFR’s but interestingly no one offers them all together except Milwaukee and that was the deciding factor (along with their reasonable price) for me. The modified “I” beam shank design is really easy on your hands. I call it a modified “I” beam design because while these are clearly shaped like an I-beam Milwaukee Engineers rounded or tapered the more traditionally sharp edges to provide for much more comfort than the blade shank design and avoids the other “hot spots” from traditional I-beam designs, for me it is a perfect compromise. These also have large easy to read contrast painted size markings on them which doesn’t make you have to strain to see them when you are looking for that particular size even from a distance they’re easy to distinguish. Finally, and probably the best innovation/feature is their “max bite open-end grip”. Milwaukee has done a really great job solving some long-standing short comings of standard open-end wrenches by likely completely removing the tendency for them to round over fasteners and at the same time providing more grip than those same traditional open-end wrenches we have all been using for decades. I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t mention that while the box-end is by no means thick and bulky it is not the thinnest wall available but to get a real thin wall combination wrench set you would need to spend 2 or 3 times what these cost and I don’t need them that thin for the kind of work I do, so for me, this is not an issue but you will have to decide for yourselves depending on what you are willing to spend and how you intend to use them. Needless to say, I am extremely happy with my decision to purchase these modern high-quality innovative combination wrenches and highly recommend them to others. Hey Milwaukee make a nice canvas Logo roll-up pouch for these!

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