Milwaukee 48-22-9725 25' STUD Tape Measure

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• (1) 25' STUD™ Tape Measure

• Up to 14' Standout
• Anti-Tear Coating Reinforces the first 6" of the Tape Blade
• EXO360™ Rip & Wear Resistant Blade Technology
• Fully Reinforced Body survives 80 foot drop
• Finger Stop Delivers Tape Retraction Control
• 2-Sided Printing for Easy Reading
• Architectural Scale
• Wire Form Belt Clip Reduces Pocket Tearing
• Lanyard-Ready for Quick and Easy Tethering
• Geared Design for Smaller Size

• Product Length (in): 3.7
• Product Height (in): 3.35
• Product Width (in): 2.4
• Product Weight (lbs): 1.18

Our 25ft STUD™ Tape Measure is the industry's most durable tape measure, equipped with innovative EXO360™ Blade Technology. EXO360™ protects your tape's blade from ripping and wearing, delivering the longest-lasting blade on the market. The tape delivers 17' of reach* allowing you to take long measurements on your own and reach further on the jobsite. Cutting-edge measuring tape blade technology, combined with a fully-reinforced impact-resistant frame makes STUD™ Tape Measures the most durable retractable tape measure for all your jobsite needs. STUD™ measuring tapes also features double-sided printing for easy reading as well as a finger stop to control blade retraction.

Customer Reviews

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Miguel G
Great product, performed well

As a tradesman, I rely heavily on dependable, well built tools. This tape measure was that. It performed well for nearly 2 years. Overall this was a great product. Performed well and was quite durable. Unfortunately, when I reached for it this morning, the tape began to push itself out. I opened it to find the spring had broken overnight. Very disappointing. But overall did well.

Super Reliable

Whether building a table or a house there is always a need for a reliable measurements. This Milwaukee tape measure has large easy to read numbers as well as readable from the underside. I own multiple of these and they are my go to-every day tool. It is super reliable and couldn't imagine using anything different

Great Tape Measure

Quality Tape Measure! I haven’t used too many of Milwaukee tools but this is top notch quality tape measure. When using it, I enjoyed the fact that it is dual sided printing to measure as well as the fact that the numbers are big. The finger stop feature is great as it protects from blade retraction. Now this tape measure is heavy duty and it states that it can survive an 80’ drop. I have yet to drop it from that distance but no doubt it can as it is very durable. This is an overall high quality tape measure and I definitely recommend it if you are in need of a new one.

Works great!

Honestly I think this tape measure is one of the best i have ever used. It has worked really well for me on a few projects that I had to do around the house. It extends really far out before it bends. It is made very well, and sturdy. I also like the thickness of it. I just would of liked it alot better if it had the magnet on the end of the tape measure. But I do like how it is and how it's made. I am used to using the 16 foot tape measures so this one is quite new for me to use a longer one, but i really do like it. The tape measure itself is alot thicker then the smaller sizes. I would definitely recommend the 25 ft tape measure if you are looking for a nice thick, durable and strong measuring tape.

Great, sturdy high visibility tape measure

This tape measure is sturdy and bulky! So if you don't like carrying something big, keep that in mind!

That said, if you are specifically looking for a sturdy thick tape measure, this is great. I was able to extend the tape measure 11 ft before it bent and the large, high visibility numbers were great for viewing from a distance. The hook was bigger than normal and also built sturdy. This will be a great addition to my toolkit.

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