Milwaukee 48-25-5150 2-9/16" SwitchBlade Bit

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• 2-9/16" Switchblade™ Selfeed Bit
• (2) Replacement blades
• (2) Feed Screws
• (2) Set Screws
• (1) Hex Wrench

• Aggressive feed screw design allows the bit to pull through the wood faster, resulting in faster drilling.
• Replacement blades made with hardened steel increases bit life.
• Size and model number engraved on each bit.

• Diameter 2-9/16"

This innovative replaceable blade system provides maximum productivity by eliminating downtime and the cost to resharpen. Each bit comes standard with a second replacement blade allowing the bit to cut like new again. Available in the sizes that plumbers, HVAC contractors and electricians use most frequently, Swtichblade™ selfeed bits are designed for drilling holes in all types of wood for pipe, vents, gas lines, and bulk wire routing.

Customer Reviews

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I like this set the sizing is perfect.

It works great in single layer framing. I find that the blade in the largest 2-9/16 bit has a tendency to lift and allow chips to get behind it and the the bit stops cutting. Overall it’s a great set I use it daily for heat pump and propane installs.

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