Milwaukee 48-32-2301 Shockwave™ 30º Knuckle™ 11 Piece Bit Set

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• (1) P1, (1) P2, (1) P3, 1" Insert Bit
• (1) SQ1, (1) SQ2, 1" Insert Bit
• (1) SL1/8”, (1) SL3/16”, (1) SL1/4”, (1) SL9/32”, 1" Insert Bit

• (1) T25, 1" Insert Bit

• 30 Degree Locking Pivot Position - Provides maximum access in hard to reach areas
• Shockwave Durability - Lasts 10x longer in aggressive functional use tests
• 1/4" Hex Power Groove Shank - Compatible with quick connect chucks

Milwaukee’s 30° Knuckle™ Pivoting Bit Holder allows users to drive fasteners and drill holes in tight, difficult work areas.  Its innovative, compact design locks at a 0° or 30° angle and is designed for use with Shockwave Impact Duty™  ¼” hex accessories.  It is rated to handle up to 2,000 in/lbs of torque in impact drivers . The 30° Knuckle™ is engineered with Milwaukee® Shockwave Impact Duty™ technology which is built  for extreme durability and up to 10x life.  Made from proprietary steel and heat treated to control hardness, the Shockwave Impact Duty™ insert bits feature an innovatively designed geometric shock absorption zone to extend life.  10(more...)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Don't give up on this tool! The bit does come out!

Wiggle the bit while lightly pulling on it and the bit will release!
When I saw this knuckle bit holder and saw that it was impact rated, I decided to buy it.

It came with the phillips #2 bit inserted in it. I was just as frustrated as the other reviewers as I could not get the bit out. I was thinking once the phillips bit was in need of replacement that the whole unit was going into the garbage.

I tried everything to get the bit out without any success. I was just about to throw this thing in the garbage but decided to search online for this issue.

While I was reading reviews on this knuckle, I was fiddling with it and was wiggling the bit while reading. Low and behold while wiggling the bit and applying some pressure outward, the bit came out. I have had the bit in and out multiple times without any issues. Even did it one handed.

Works great, once you take that ring out

Like the other people reviewing this flex adapter. Mine got stuck once I put it in. Irritated, I yanked and I pulled to try and get it out. When I did manage to get it out. I got rid of the little internal ring that has a death grip on the bits. It still has a magnet at the bottom so it still holds the bits just fine. After I did that it works as advertised.

I would not recommend this product to anybody

I have been a DeWalt guy for a long time! Replaced my entire power tools with Milwaukee accessories ever since! Paid good money for this and got to the job site and couldn't get the bit out of it an order to insert the one I needed. Lost out on time and wages of paying two employees to go there and waste our time. After getting on and seeing this reviews that are over a year old I am absolutely disgusted that they are still selling this product. Kind of makes me sad that I invested thousands of dollars in no tools just to see that this is how they handle their customer feedback.

Better than Dewalt’s knuckle

Pull the bit ‘til it clicks, then hold the stainless steel sleeve in place holding the bit like you would on your impact. It won’t pull back like that mechanism but it seems to help when wiggling the bit out. Once out, use Makita bits or anything but what comes with it and this tool becomes butter to use. It has been years Milwaukee, add a quick release to this for sanity’s sake, and find a way to make the angle hold itself in place and you have yourself the most useful bit holder imaginable.

Mr. Mark
Horribly defective tool!

I purchased this product with the expectation that it would live up to the milwaukee name however when I tried to change the bit I found that it wouldn't release and now I am stuck with this bit that I can't change.... needless to say I am incredibly disappointed with this tool. I would like to get my money back for this product.

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