Milwaukee 48-40-0720 7-1/4" 24T Framing Circular Saw Blade

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• Milwaukee's anti-friction coating keeps the blade cool while cutting and resists corrosion & gumming.
• Laser cutting technology from 100% sheet steel increase cutting accuracy.
• Laser cut vibration slots minimize wobble and warping.
• Anti-Friction Coating
• Laser Cut from Sheet Steel
• Polymer Filled Vibration Slots
• Alternate Tooth Bevel with Raker (ATB-R) Pattern
• Cobalt Infused Tungsten Carbide
• Thin Kerf Blade
• Optimized for Both Cordless & Corded Tools
• Blade Tensioning Ring
• 50 Tooth; 5/8" Arbor Hole
• Great for use with: Softwoods, Hardwoods, Melamine, Wet Lumber, Treated Lumber and Laminated Woods such as Plywood, OSB, LVL, PSL, LSL & OSL

Milwaukee's wood cutting, framing blades maximize life and cutting efficiencies to improve your productivity. An anti-friction coating keeps the blade cool while cutting and resists corrosion & gumming. Laser cutting technology creates the blade from 100% sheet steel to ensure a stable blade that increases cutting accuracy. Laser cut vibration slots minimize wobble and warping during use. A thin kerf design delivers faster cuts as well as more cuts per charge when using a cordless tool.

Customer Reviews

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Many uses

I bought this 7 -1/4" 24T Framing Circular Saw Blade for my tools and it works well. Nice and sharp does the job on my wood projects a good and sturdy blade. I highly recommend it for your workshop...

Cut great

I bought this blade a round a month ago to cut some 2 x4s for a project I was working on. This blade ripped right through them like I was cutting butter. Well made blade by a well ran company. I would recommend this blade for rough cuts


Great quality and durable saw blade. I am extremely satisfied with the performance and clean cut this blade provides. It has kept up with daily use and still performs great. Definitely recommend to everyone from occasional users to daily users such as myself.

Tough Blade!

This is a good blade to have
If you like to do DIY or if your a professional wood worker. This blade by Milwaukee is a wood framing blade that is 7-1/4 inch and has 24 cutting teeth. This is cobalt infused tungsten carbide blade that extends cutting life and maintains tip sharpness.
This has increased accuracy and laser cut vibration slots to help reduces wobble and warping.
I have used this blade several time for different projects and it has been very accurate. It’s a high quality blade.
This also has a anti-Friction coating so it cuts cooler and resists corrosion and gumming.
This blade will last along time and give you many great cuts in the future.
This can be used on a hand saw or a meter saw.
It’s recommended for soft wood, hard wood, plywood, wet lumber and treated lumber.
Milwaukee has always had quality tool and accessories. I have never had any issues with this blade. It works great. I have finished several of my wood projects with this blade. And will definitely be using it in the future.

Good durable blade

After working on a few projects this blade has proven itself it be of a descent quality and construction. The blade is still sharp enough to easily cut through various types of wood and did not dull quickly. Still providing quick clean cuts without causing splintering. Overall I would say this is a good blade for the cost and worth investing in a few of them so you have another when they do eventually wear down.

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