Milwaukee 48-59-1806 M18 Six Pack Sequential Charger

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• (1) M18 Six Pack Sequential Charger

• Charges up to Six Batteries Sequentially
• Convienent Carrying Handle
• Pass Through Plug
• Compact Size

• Voltage: 18V
• Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
• Warranty: 5 Year

The M18 Six Pack Sequential Charger offers a compact design, integrated hang holes for vertical mounting, and a pass through plug to conserve outlet space. The new unit will charge M18 compact batteries in 30 minutes and extended capacity (XC) batteries in 60 minutes. With this new six pack charger, users can reduce the amount of time spent changing out batteries, increasing productivity on the jobsite.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
It's pretty awesome!

Plugged it into the outlet in my vehicle; it will charge two lower Ah batteries at once without tripping the tiny little breaker. Performs as advertised and expected. Also makes great battery storage, as mine are constantly scattered, and/or too heavy for the trash bag in which I would otherwise keep them.

Benjamin Sowle
This thing is awesome!!!

Better than I thought! Charges fast! Charging indicator lights are very bright and can be seen clearly from far away.

andrew respress
Battery charger

Very nice

I buy these chargers all the time for 6 crews

I use 3 of these 24 hours a day 6 days a week 52 weeks a year they last about a year then you send them in for repair and never have trouble again I don't know what they do but it fixes the problem you don't have to send them back twice they do the job they are designed to do with less space than 6 individual chargers and the plug design is brilliant we plug them all into 1 plug

I loved this charger until!!

This charger is great I can fill it with batteries and they are all vharged in the morning. But it grew legs and walked out with 2 of my beloved batteries. Now I have to buy another.

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