Milwaukee 49-16-2698 2-1/2" - 4" IPS XL Ring Kit for M18 FORCE LOGIC Long Throw Press Tool

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• (1) 49-16-2659S Ring Jaw 2
• (1) 49-16-2656B 2-1/2" IPS XL Ring for M18 FORCE LOGIC™ Long Throw Press Tools
• (1) 49-16-2657B 3" IPS XL Ring for M18 FORCE LOGIC™ Long Throw Press Tools
• (1) 49-16-2658B 4" IPS XL Ring for M18 FORCE LOGIC™ Long Throw Press Tools
• (1) Carrying Case

• Controlled, Flameless Steel Connections
• Presses: 2 ½", 3", & 4" Iron Pipe Size (IPS) Pipe
• For use with M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Long Throw Press Tool
• Compatible with Viega® MegaPress XL ® Press Fittings
• Up to 90% faster installation than welding
• 2-hinge ring design provides quality connections in close quarters
• Durable Steel Rings & ring jaws provide outstanding life

• Length: 22.6"
• Height: 17.3"
• Width: 5.2"
• Weight: 39.5

Milwaukee® 2 ½"-4" IPS XL Rings are designed for use on Viega® MegaPress XL® fittings and optimized for the M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Long Throw Press Tool, providing the fastest 2 ½"- 4" IPS connections. A more efficient alternative to welding, the IPS XL Ring Kit enables press connections on 2 ½"-4" from schedule 10 up to schedule 40 black iron pipe. The ring jaw connects directly to the M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Long Throw Press Tool, to provide secure joints in one cycle. With the lightest, in-Line design for unrivaled access in tight spaces and around installed pipes, the Milwaukee® 2 ½"-4" IPS XL Ring Kit provides controlled, flameless steel connections for unmatched productivity.

Customer Reviews

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To Long

It works fine,but the machine it’s self is to LONG! We used it on top of duct work and had to rent another company’s product the has a pistol gripe. If your in a fab shop it’s great, there you have plenty of room! But in commercial service space is almost always a issue. Please redesign and we would buy more of them. But for now we only purchase a competitors product.

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