Milwaukee 49-20-0001 Collated Magazine

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• (1) Collator
• (2) PR2 bits
• (1) Bumper

• Screw Length Adjustment: Allows for easy adjustment and is compatible with all major brands of screws up to 2"
• Tapered Nose Design: Provides closer access to tight corners
• Screw Depth Adjustment: Easy screw depth adjustment that is flush to the top of the magazine to reduce accidental actuation
• Strip Insert Guide: Designed to feed screw strips smoothly
• Dedicated solution for the M18 FUEL™ Drywall Screw Gun (2866)

• Screw Compatability: Up to 2". All Major brands.
• 8 Easy Lock Postions
• Tapered Nose Design: Closer Access to Tight Corners
• Ratecheting Mechanism: Feed screw strips for smoother travel and Minimize jams
• Use with Milwaukee 2866-20 Drywall Gun
• Replacement Bits: Milwaukee 48-30-1000
• Warranty: 1 Year

The Milwaukee collated magazine was designed to work with the M18 F

Customer Reviews

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Not good

I bought this and the screw gun
I sold my Dewalt set up as all the rest of my tools are Milwaukee
This collater did not work rite out of the box
When it was installed straight up and down it would not lock on so it kept falling off
The advancer was off and kept missing and jaming

Worked amazing! (At first!!!!

The first dozen times I use this it exceeded my expectations but now if I don’t hold it perfectly straight the heads do not sync properly and I have to go back and correct them. Also I am having feet issues where the screw isn’t fully seating and I am burning through bits. I’ve been using the same Senco screws.

Product is OK but, has some Flaws!

The product does work and yes I would purchase again. However, there are a few flaws and in answer to other users post..... I believe I have your answers:
1. For those having trouble putting it together I felt your pain until I figured it out. If you purchased this new with the add-on Collator then, you need to pull off the end depth setter/black end of the original gun, then, grab a pliers and pull out the short #2 bit...grip tight and pull hard. Then put the new LONG bit in and push hard against a wall stud/piece of wood until it seats fully and properly. Otherwise the collator will not fit on correctly.

2. The gun does NOT work in corners, well, NOR will it work very well on angles which, tend to happen in the corners or the edge of the sheetrock when trying to toe nail in the end of the sheetrock when splitting studs to the next piece of sheetrock. You can adjust the depth a little to compensate but, still not very good. Therefore, I tend to switch in the corners and edges to my Milwaukee M18 screw gun that has a sheetrock dimple bit or just a simple #2 regular bit. I have keep the other one on my hip and switch between the two.

3. Which, brings me to the other issue which, yes this does work well but, only if you stay straight on to the screw, takes a little learning curve, truly perpendicular to the sheetrock/no angling, and you need to not over-push or you will push screw out of plastic strip. However, if you spin the drill and let it spin for a second or 2 and then, push with even force and straight on it does work well. So, I use it to put the majority in and clean up the corners and edges with my other regular screw gun non-drywall specific gun. NOTE: since, the next screw is in the plastic strip and automatically advances means if you do nto see the screw the first time you cannot go back with collator and try again since, another screw advances into the screw bit area. Again, hence, why a standby screw gun without a collator is necessary but, note you could pull off the collator adapter then, set the screw further and put the collator back on vs having another screw gun since, the bit stays in the gun regardless of the collator. This could also be used to set the screws in the corner or the edges/toe-nailing but, now without auto fee and without auto depth control unless you then, put original SheetRock gun's adapter you first pulled off to replace with collator.

4. What I will say is that the advantage is you can quickly put in many screws and it allows for 1 handed operation but, emphasized again, stay straight on and do not over push.

5. Lastly, yes getting the 5 3/4" P2 long bits can be challenging but, I was able to find them at my Tool Crib/ACME Tools but, no one else seems to carry them.....yes not even Amazon. FYI the part # from the manual is: 48-30-1000 5.8" P2

Conclusion, "Overall" it does take a learning curve to use the tool, corners/edges don't work, have another gun to switch to but, all in all I do like it for how fast I can put in a bunch of screws with 1 hand but, have another screw gun handy to clean up, etc.

doesn't work like it should

I'm a professional contractor. This tool is very problematic. it takes a special 6 inch Philips driver that is very difficult to find even online. The collated screws get jambed and the screw size depth adjustment is very difficult to adjust, like it is stuck. the biggest issue is that unless you are perfectly straight when drilling it will not set the screws and as a result grind down the tip of the driver so that it un-functionable....Hence the need to have additional driver bits which are hard to find. It absolutely doesn't work in corners when trying to screw down edges of the drywall, why?....because you can't position it perfectly straight. I purchased many units to tool up my crew and not one of them liked using the tool. A huge waste of money

Works flawlessly

Works flawlessly right out of the box.
Tried with the SENCO Products 06A162P Senco Duraspin# 6 by 1-5/8" Drywall to Wood Collated Screw from Rona.
One handed screwing of drywall is a no brainer. Any company not using a collated system is throwing money away.
The auto start stop feature with the M18 drywall gun is fantastic.
Highly, highly recommend this.

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