Milwaukee 49-56-0734 3" Hole Dozer with Long Life Carbide Teeth Hole Saw

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• Carbide Teeth for 50X Life in Extreme Materials
• Longest Life in Stainless Steel
• Outperforms Bi-metal hole saws
• Milwaukee® Carbide Teeth Technology
• 4tpi Carbide Teeth Design gives Best Durability and Longest Life in Extreme Applications
• Thermoset Coating reduces friction and drag, increasing overall speed and cordless efficiencies
• Plug-Jack T-Slot’s enhance user productivity by providing best access and leverage to remove material slugs
• Made in USA
• Cuts Stainless Steel, Fastener Embedded Wood, Cement Board, Fiberglass, Plaster, Asphalt Shingles and More
• For the toughest applications where bi-metal hole saws cannot cut

Milwaukee® Hole Dozer™ with Carbide Teeth hole saws provide 50X Life in Extreme Multi-Material cutting applications when compared to bi-metal hole saws.  Built utilizing a tough carbide grade combined with a durable 4TPI design, yielding the best tooth durability and longest life in Stainless Steel, Abrasive Materials and Fastener Embedded Wood.  Cutting depth is 1.62", allowing clearance to handle cuts in all materials.  With a Thermoset Coating to reduce friction and drag during cutting, users benefit from faster cutting and increased cordless efficiency.  Slug removal is made easy with the Plug Jack™ T-Slot's.  Plug Jack™ enhanced user productivity by providing best access and leverage to remove material slugs.  Hole Dozer™ with Carbide Teeth are made in USA.

Customer Reviews

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Great Hole Saw

professional carpenter and use hole saws several times a week. The Hole Dozer from Milwaukee has become my go to hole saw. It has very sharp carbide teeth that really stay sharp. Most everything I drill is wood with the occasional nail in it and these cut hole saws cut right through both with no problem. The multiple holes and cut outs in the saw also really cut down on it heating up and make pulling the wood plug out very easy.

Great product!

I just recently got this and like all Milwaukee products, it is superb! The quality is second to none and if you have any Milwaukee tools, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you don't, you need to get on board, because they are legit!

Perfect Circle

This hole dozer is made very high quality with the best materials. It's the carbide teeth are very sharp and cut very easily. I've used this at work to make holes through wood and sheet metal in homes and commercial buildings and I've used this at home to make a hole to pull wire in my garage and my wife's desk. Great size that will last a life time.

Great saws

This hole saws are fantastic. I've used milwaukee blades and saws many times and always love them. These are no exception. I love that plenty of vent holes, and i like how easy it is to remove the wood piece out of them. Usually milwaukee saws last a long time, and so far, these have been holding up in the 2 weeks I've been using them

Will I am
Well worth it

This hole dozer works great. It is solid and going to last a long time. They are extremely sharp and cut through materials very fast. I get a smooth, clan hole and I get a perfect fit of the plumbing through the hole. It doesn't burn through the wood like a lot of cheaper hole saws do. I get smooth edges each time I've used it. I couldn't be more satisfied. I definitely recommend this hole dozer. It's well worth it.

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