Milwaukee 49-56-9295 9Pc BIG HAWG with Carbide Teeth PACKOUT Kit

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• (1) 2-1/8" BIG HAWG™ with Carbide Teeth
• (1) 2-9/16" BIG HAWG™ with Carbide Teeth
• (1) 3" BIG HAWG™ with Carbide Teeth
• (1) 3-5/8" BIG HAWG™ with Carbide Teeth
• (1) 4-5/8" BIG HAWG™ with Carbide Teeth
• (1) BIG HAWG™ with Carbide Teeth Arbor
• (2) BIG HAWG™ with Carbide Teeth Clean Wood Pilot Bits
• (1) PACKOUT ™ Compact Organizer

• 50X Life in Nail Embedded Wood & Abrasive Material Applications
• Cuts 1000+ More Nails
• 5X Faster Cuts
• 10X Larger Carbide Teeth
• 3 Tooth Design for Fast Aggressive Cuts
• Carbide Tipped Multi-Material Pilot Bit for Increased Material Versatility
• Thicker Backer for Extreme Life in Demanding Applications
• Optimized Slot Design for Fast Plug Removal
• Enlarged braze surface for stronger bond to the carbide teeth
• Cuts Wood, Nails, Shingles, Cement Board, Plaster and More

MILWAUKEE® BIG HAWG™ with Carbide Teeth is first-to-market in providing extreme life and durability in both nail-embedded wood and abrasive material applications. Utilizing advanced carbide technology, the new BIG HAWG™ with Carbide Teeth gives users 50x life in demanding applications with the ability to cut 1000+ more nails. 10X larger carbide teeth rip through materials 5X faster while deeper slots make for fast and easy plug removal. BIG HAWG™ with Carbide Teeth allows users to cut through the toughest materials including nails, cement board, shingles, plaster and stucco.

Customer Reviews

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Worth every penny!

We use these bits multiple times a week doing plumbing work . Best bits we have ever bought !

Amazing saw kit

This kit is hands down one of the best saw kits my husband has ever used. He loves how easily the carbide teeth cut through materials. We have been using this for various projects in my husband’s garage. He always comments and says how nice it is to have such a wide selection of sizes and not have to worry about using something else! He has had no problems with this product so far.

Impressive quality!

I used this set of hole saws to cut holes through my pool room walls to relocate some 3-inch PVC pipes. The Big Hawg cut through like butter! I liked that the set included pilot bits. That made quick work to get all the way through. I had zero problems with nails. The one that I did manage to hit was made quick work of by the aggressive teeth on these bits.
The case is well made and the whole set just feels like top quality. I’m very impressed. Much better stuff than any hole saw I’ve ever owned.

Excellent product!

The 9 PC BIG hawg teeth hole saw kit is remarkable. I can't express enough how this product is built to withstand for multiple and different uses. It is simple to use, unscrew, add the required size, screw on and get ready to work. The box is also made of a durable hard plastic and clamps. I really enjoyed using this product, it has been added to my tool collection and forsee lasting me for years. Great quality product, highly recommend.

Great kit! Love the pack out organizer!

I'm extremely satisfied with this 9 piece hole saw kit. The depth of the teeth grip what ever you are cutting and go through it like butter. I have been using this kit on our kitchen remodeling project and it has definitely handy and has made the job look professionally done. I've used these on various materials for this project and they do not bog down. With so many sizes in one kit the possibilities are endless, and I know I have a hole saw for any job. The case is an added bonus because everything is in its place and makes it easy to transport to different jobs as needed. Just like the rest of our Milwaukee tools these did not disappoint!

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