Milwaukee MLSQ040 4-1/2" Trim Square

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• (1) 4-1/2" Trim Square

• Precision scribe notches at 1/8" increments
• Precision machined extruded aluminum
• Limited lifetime warranty
• Made In USA

• Length: 0.75"
• Height: 4.5"
• Width: 4.75
• Weight: 0.231

The new Milwaukee 4-1/2” Trim Square is an everyday carry layout solution. With its 35% more compact size it fits easily into pockets, pouches, and tight work spaces. High visibility laser etched markings will not wear off, providing trusted accuracy throughout the life of the square, while a 1/4" & 3/8" dual measurement heel allows for quick marks.

Customer Reviews

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Donald Schopf
Perfect size

I'm a plumber and it's the perfect size to keep in your pocket for layout day

Surprised how often it's my "go-to" square!

Everyone has a vew 7" squares floating around, but you need this one! I bought it because it would fit in one of my tool belt pouches. I am shocked at how much I use it! If you need to mark something over 4" (like a 2x8) just flip it to the other side or get a bigger square, dont complain! I work as a carpenter on shows that hand out gold awards to people in Hollywood and this little square is perfect!
My only area for improvement would be that I would like the markings to be etched deeper into the surface. I especially like the measurement markings to be deeper. It would be especially helpful for those of us that regularly work in lower light conditions.

Metric Version available

Empire E2991M is a 120mm version for those of us who use metric...

Best square EVER!

I can't even tell you how much I enjoy using this square COMPARED to a full size speed square. I have room in my pouch now, it's not always falling out to the ground and the 4.5 inch size is perfect for 99.125% off the work I do. If this ever got stolen or lost, I would buy another one before stopping for lunch.

Oh, it's also accurate, easy to read/see, perfectly square and the anodizing does not come off. I've use this to layout lines on brick and thought I would be ruined at the end of the job and.... nope! It's fine.

Great product

I have had it for a few months now and I love it. I like that it's small and compact, and like the previous comment it is limited to 2x4 but if that what you are doing it works. One thing that I have done is just flip the square to the other side of my work peace if I am working with something bigger like a 2x6

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