Milwaukee MLSQ124 400 x 600mm Framing Square

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• (1) Framing Square

• Reinforced Frame
• Scribe Notches from 25mm - 330mm
• High Visibility Laser Etched Markings
• Angle finding helps with setting common angles of pipe
• Common conversion tables
• 8th, 10th, 12th and 16th graduation marks

• Length: 16"
• Height: 24"
• Width: 0.1875"
• Weight: 1.0875

The MILWAUKEE® 400mm x 600mm Aluminum Framing Square is stronger than steel and is the most versatile framing square. It has a 50% thicker frame making it more durable than competitive steel squares. Scribe notches from 25mm - 330mm allow for easy ripping of lumber. High visibility laser etched markings make it easy to read. Angle finding helps with setting common angles of pipe.

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