Milwaukee MXF002-2XC MX FUEL™ CARRY-ON™ 3600W/1800W Power Supply

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• (2) MX FUEL™ XC406 Batteries
• Charging Cord

• 3600 Peak Watts and 1800 Running Watts for High Draw Tools
• Pure Sine Inverter Protects Sensitive Electronics
• No Emissions and Durable Role Cage, Indoor or Outdoor Use
• Ground Fault Isolated for Jobsite Use
• Powered by 1 Battery or 2 to Double the Runtime
• Integrated Charger to Charge up to Two MX FUEL™ Batteries
• Push Button Start. No Pull Starts.
• Compact Footprint for Use in Any Workspace
• Compatible with ONE-KEY™ to Track and Manage
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The MILWAUKEE® MX FUEL™ CARRY-ON™ 3600W/1800W Power Supply provides the best temporary power for the job. Power more on-demand with efficient, quiet, and portable power anywhere. The portable power supply provides 3600 peak watts, 1800 continuous watts of pure sine inverter energy, powering everything from high demand 15A tools to sensitive electronics. The compact size, no emissions, and quiet operation of the power supply unit allow it to be used safely in confined spaces indoors. The metal roll cage delivers durability for outdoor jobsite use. The battery-powered generator eliminates the cost of gasoline and doesn’t require engine repair or maintenance, reducing downtime to get jobs done faster. The cordless generator can be powered by a single battery for lightweight portability or two batteries for double the run-time. The MX FUEL™ CARRY-ON™ 3600W/1800W Power Supply can sequentially charge a CP203 battery in 45 minutes and a XC406 battery in 90 minutes. It is compatible with all Milwaukee MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ batteries delivering the hardest working and most reliable power for equipment. REDLINK PLUS INTELLIGENCE™ ensures maximum performance and protection from overload, overheating and over-discharge. The temporary power supply is ONE-KEY™ Compatible. Track, manage and secure equipment from mobile devices or computers using the industry’s largest Bluetooth® community tracking network. If the power supply is ever lost or stolen, prevent tampering with remote lockout capability.

Customer Reviews

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Nott Badd
Take two! No more auto shut off!

The only thing I didn�t like about it was the auto shut off and the eliminated that. I use mine all the time. It sits right below the extension cords in my contractor trailer. Extension cords rarely get used anymore, the time saved stringing them out and roll back up is money. The other bonus is not tripping breakers, haven�t tripped one since I started using the Power Station.
This was worth the money, it�s doing everything as advertised. I checked the noise level and it came in at 60dB. You can talk on your phone while next to it. Charges both batteries in 3 hours.
We went to the cabin this weekend and it is remote. We use a generator for power at least 3hrs a day and only get power when it�s on so you can�t have a refrigerator running all the time. Now we have a refrigerator and you can turn lights on when you need them without the generator. I run the generator about 2 hrs a day now to charge the Power Station. Going to get a Honda 1000 generator to replace the Honda 3000. I only need 3.9amps to charge the Power Station and the 1000 is quieter than 60dB produced by the Power Station.
Taking the it camping in our VW bus and will report our experience.

MILWAUKEE listened and removed the 1 hr. shutoff.

For a company to listen to its customers and make an executive decision to change what customers perceive as a constant problem is Huge!!!! Not all companies do that....Milwaukee did. There is know no more 1hr. shutoff on this unit....which makes this an essential tool to have and use for years to come. Thank you Kelli for really listening and making the decision to resolve this issue. You came through in a huge way. This is why Milwaukee stands out from the rest. Anyone can now get this Carry On with full confidence that it will operate as you need it to. I have put it through rigorous tests and has passed alll of them. High wattage and low wattage it just works beautifully. Thanks again Milwaukee for listening to us and resolving the issue.....this makes you a company customers can count on.

Milwaukee listened!

I purchased this and two additional batteries with a stand alone charger nearly as soon as they hit my local tool suppliers warehouse. Initially, I was let down. Imagine working in a 2 million dollar home with a fully finished basement, utility power disconnected upgrading electrical services in preparation of a standby generator installation to find out this originally had an auto shutdown feature and left the sump pump offline. I turned around to see rain water rising out of the floor drain, ran to the mechanical room and powered up as soon as possible to empty the sump pit and avoided a very large claim.

Milwaukee made a running production change and eliminated the timer. The updated unit has been awesome. The one key connectivity is convenient and easy. The battery release and connection feels great. An ability to add locks at the batteries is a nice touch and may avoid quick thefts of opportunity. Fit, finish, and durability appears good.

The power supply has made things much easier. No more looking for exterior plugs and running hundreds of feet of extension cords. No noise to interrupt a home owner. I don’t have to worry about dirty extension cords running across expensive carpet or pets escaping through unclosed doors. It has powered our threader and SDS Max without hesitation.

Milwaukee’s attentiveness and outreach to correct my concerns have only solidified my choice to embrace their product. I’ve personally invested in all battery platforms and their storage solutions and will continue to be a loyal and happy customer!

Ferris Construction
Milwaukee has a game changer here!!

Very quiet and amazing piece of equipment to have on the job site. This gives you the ability to take any corded tool to any situation you have. No extension cords, no gas to keep filled, no oil or maintenance. Love this tool!!

Does what it is supposed to

After years of "it was out of oil" or the generator no longer puts out power" and it cost too much to repair being the answer. We invested in 2 of these units, they arrived two weeks ago. No issues, they hold a charge all day long and they will handle 2 @ 15amp 7" angle grinders at a time. Granted these are new so only time will tell, but if they hold up we will not go back to engine driven again. So far, so good !

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