Milwaukee MXF301-2CXS MX FUEL Handheld Core Drill Kit w/Stand

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• (1) MX FUEL Handheld Core Drill
• (1) MX FUEL CP Battery Pack
• (1) MX FUEL XC Battery Pack
• (1) MX FUEL Charger
• (1) BMC
• (1) Compact Core Drill Stand with Wheels
• (1) Bit Adaptor
• (1) Trigger Lock
• (1) Hose Quick Connect

• Safer Handheld Coring
• The Power to Core 6" Holes in Reinfrced Concrete
• Easiest Coring Anywhere
• Fuly Compatible with the MX FUEL™ Equipment System
• Patented Clutch Design
• AUTOSTOP™ Technology
• Low Speed: 790 RPM/High Speed:1550 RPM
• High Speed: 1550 RPM
• Onboard LED Level
• Onboard LED Performance Gauge
• Wet/Dry Coring
• ONE-KEY™ Compatible
• Push Button Activation

• Product Length (in): 19.6
• Product Height (in): 36.8
• Product Height (in): 9.42
• Product Weight (lbs): 55.64

The MILWAUKEE® MX FUEL™ Handheld Core Drill with Stand allows for coring with more confidence than ever before. A patented clutch and AUTOSTOP™ technology deliver a safer handheld coring experience. They provide maximum control and prevent over-rotation in case the core drilling machine gets bound up. The POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor delivers the power to core up to 6” holes in reinforced concrete. REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence ensures maximum performance and protection from overload, overheating, and over-discharge. An onboard LED level and performance gauge provide maximum efficiency while coring. These features, along with the option to wet or dry core make it easier to core anywhere. The MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ battery pack powers through concrete and block almost anywhere, without the hassle of extension cords or tripping breakers. The cordless core drill is compatible with all MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ batteries, delivering the hardest working and most reliable power for equipment. The diamond core drill is ONE-KEY™ Compatible. Track, manage and secure equipment from mobile devices or computers using the industry’s largest Bluetooth® community tracking network. If the core drill is ever lost or stolen, prevent tampering with remote lockout capability. In addition to the handheld core drill, this kit includes a compact core drill stand.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Milwaukee core drill

Haven't had a chance to use it yet looks like a solid tool
Everything was there as advertised. Hopefully runs as good as it looks

Most convenient way to core drill.

Being a one man team for most of my work, this tool totally compliments that style of work. Powerful batteries met the demand, of a easy operating drill function, let's you just how much to guide core bit , with adjustable pressure feeding water tank. Made each hole cut fast like through like butter !

Great drill for the right application

I believe that this core drill is a game changer for certain trades. Mostly plumbing or HVAC service. If you have to core less than 5 holes and they are 6" or less, this is your tool. The price is not easy to swallow, but you are paying for the convenience or not having to run a cord or in those special situations where you have no power. This is a great product to have in your arsenal of you run into those situations on a regular basis. My seasoned plumbers tried it onsite and the only negative thing they commented about was how touchy the clutch was. If the bit is slightly tilted while drilling and it contacts the side wall, clutch engages. Took some getting used to but they drilled about 20 holes with it and never had another issue.

I would buy this gun

We use it to Core through concrete main holes. It’s great because there is no electrical cords to deal with. It’s a little big and bulky but still can work with it.

Nice unit, easy set up.

Drilled a 3" and a 4" hole with no lag, battery seemed to have enough gas left for 2 more holes on 1 charge. No binding or arm twist when hitting re-bar, easy to set up and use.

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