Milwaukee M18 Lawn mower being used near a lake

Milwaukee M18 Lawn Mower: Lawn Care Made Easy with Battery Power

Man using a Milwaukee M18 Lawn Mower across fallen leaves

With no loss in time or productivity, the Milwaukee 2823-22HD M18 FUEL 21" Self-Propelled Dual Battery Mower is designed for landscape maintenance professionals looking for a more ergonomic and emission-friendly machine. Milwaukee has seen, listened, and heard from those in the outdoor maintenance industry and understands the need for a lawnmower that is durable, battery-powered, and offers no gas headaches, engine maintenance, or loud motors.

Whether you're a professional or a homeowner, this mower delivers top-notch results with minimal effort. From its 21" Steel Deck to its self-propelled design and active speed management, it's packed with user-centric features. Explore the benefits, features, durability, and environmental impacts of the Milwaukee 2823-22HD M18 FUEL self-propelled Dual Battery Mower, and see how it can better transform your outdoor maintenance routine.

Check out Milwaukee’s overview video for a better understanding of how the mower works:

Features and Specifications

Graphic detailing the features and specifications of a Milwaukee M18 Lawn Mower

With advanced features like front and side LEDs and battery-powered technology, Milwaukee’s lawn mower drives above its competitors. Built tough for professionals on challenging jobs, this mower provides rear wheel self-propelled power to help take the strain off you and instead saves you time and effort. With a cut capacity of 21", this lawn mower is capable of tackling any job, from a overgrown field to everyday yard maintenance.

Milwaukee 2823-22HD Lawn Mower Features

  • Steel Deck with 21" Cut Capacity: Enhances airflow for better lift

  • Rear Wheel Self-Propelled: Comes with active speed management from 0 - 4 MPH

  • Single Point Height Adjustment: This delivers 1" - 4" height range with 7 positions at 1/2" increments

  • 3-in-1 Grass Management: Mulch, Bag, and Rear Side Discharge

  • High Lift Mode: Delivers higher blade speed for superior airflow and increased lift

  • Front & Side LED Lights: These allow for 180° Visibility in low-light scenarios

  • Folding Handles: These allow for vertical, compact storage

  • 2 deck handles: Providing grasping points for lifting the mower in and out of storage and transport

  • Ergonomic Handle: Comes with a recessed bail bar design

  • Battery Powered: No Gas Headaches , No Pull Start, No Engine Maintenance, Low Noise, No Emissions, Less Vibration

  • Part of the M18 System: Fully Compatible with 200+ Solutions 

Milwaukee Lawn Mower Specifications

  • Tool Warranty: 3 Years (Tool), 3 Years (Battery)

  • RPM: 2,800 / 3,300

  • Cut Capacity: 21"

  • Deck Material: Steel

  • Variable Speed Self-Propelled: 

    • Drive : Rear Wheel / Speed: 0-4 MPH /

    • Control : Active Management Paddles

  • Throttle Response: Instant

  • High Lift Mode: Yes

  • Height Range: 1"- 4"

  • Grass Management: Mulch, Bag, Rear Side Discharge

  • Lights: Front and Side

  • Vertical Storage: Yes

  • Deck Handles: 2

  • Battery System: M18 

Performance and Durability

Graphic of the contents of the Milwaukee M18 Lawn Mower Kitt

If you need a mower with interchangeable batteries that can increase total performance across all outdoor power equipment, this is the one for you. Milwaukee’s 2823-22 M18 Fuel lawn mower is durable enough to withstand rugged conditions with its steel frame while providing clean-cut lines. The included M18 REDLITHIUM 12HD Battery pack connects seamlessly with the rest of Milwaukee’s outdoor power equipment. After mowing the lawn, switch the batteries into your blower or string trimmer to finish the job.

When Milwaukee’s lawn mower was first introduced in 2022, Tony Buxton, Senior Product manager for Milwaukee Tool, stated, 

“When we set out to develop our first mower, we focused on designing a solution that could outperform gas mowers and deliver a superior cut quality. Leveraging our M18 FUEL technology, the electronic package delivers the power to maintain blade speed in demanding applications without bogging down while also offering instantaneous throttle response on both blade and drive motors for ultimate control.” 

This Milwaukee lawn mower also has a full throttle in under a one-second response. With this speed, you’ll achieve a cleaner cut because the faster a blade is, the more even it will cut down.

Milwaukee’s Push-button start on this mower eliminates the strain that comes with pull-start mowers, which usually take multiple pulls to get started. This leaves frustration behind and keeps you from throwing your back, shoulder, or arm out. Now that summer is around the corner, having a push button start can increase your work productivity with the safer alternative of a Milwaukee battery-powered mower that offers less motor ramp-up time than other battery lawn mowers.

On the other hand, the durability of its optimized steel deck design means you now have better airflow for the blades to spin while protecting your equipment from debris. It also includes two deck handles for lifting the mower in and out of storage or when you need to transport it to job site locations.

In combination with the ergonomically designed recessed bail bar handle, the pain of portability is no longer a problem. Built tough for wherever you need it, this Milwaukee lawn mower can handle where you need to go. Plus, the frame offers little flexibility, giving lawn maintenance professionals peace of mind on whether it will bend under heavy-duty use.

Battery Power and Runtime

Graphic of battery runtime

With no gas power or engine maintenance, this M18 battery-powered lawn mower offers a safer work method.

The M18 fuel battery system works by incorporating brushless motors instead of brushed ones. Brushless motors extend tool, power, and battery life by reducing the wear and tear on the motor. Not only does the M18 fuel brushless motor provide more work time, but it also works longer and harder than leading competitors.

Blow out diagram of a brushless motor

This mower offers more maximum torque than 200cc gas equipment. With more max torque, you will have an easier time mowing over thick, wet grass. 

Diagram of torque ratings of brushless motors

Check out this short video below from a professional who wanted to see if the Milwaukee self-propelled lawn mower could handle his 2/3rds of an acre lawn.

Spoiler alert: It did.

Self-Propelled Mowers vs Push Mowers: What’s the Difference?

Man removing leaves from the Milwaukee M18 FUEL  attachment

Let’s break it down.

  • A Push Mower is similar to a manual mower, but the difference is that it has a motor to power the blades. You still have to push or pull the mower yourself.

  • A Self-Propelled Mower has a motor that powers the blades and the wheels instead of being pushed by you. 

Having a self-propelled lawn mower can change the entire process of your lawn maintenance work. Sometimes, we don’t realize how much work we put into an action until it’s changed. The difference between a push mower and a self-propelled mower is how much manual labor is involved.

While push mowers tend to have a simpler design and can usually be purchased at a lower cost, they still require a long-term commitment in terms of backaches and time, as it may take longer to cut grass.

The Milwaukee self-propelled mower , though at a higher price, can handle tough jobs and uphill battles with little effort on your part. This is because their construction resembles what you would see in a car. All you need to do is steer the mower in the direction you want to go.

This Milwaukee rear-wheel drive mower with active speed management from 0 to 4 MPH is great for any type of lawn, but especially for hilly properties. Plus, the battery option makes it lighter for easy traveling. If you’re an outdoor maintenance professional, having more power with less exertion on your part is a must. 

Pros and Cons of Milwaukee’s Self-Propelled Mower

Determining whether a self-propelled mower is right for you depends on the type of jobs you are taking on and how often. Consider the pros and cons below to help you make the best choice.


  • No gas headaches

  • No engine maintenance

  • Variable speed drive dial

  • 180° LED Lights for low-light scenarios

  • Low noise levels

  • REDLINK PLUS Intelligence for total system communication

  • Self-propelled for less fatigue 


  • Initial investment cost may be higher

  • Battery Dependency

  • Thumb soreness from the drive bar

Health and Environmental Impact

Man pushing the Milwaukee Lawnmower in front of a growth of trees

With battery-powered lawn mowers like the Milwaukee M18 Fuel, professional lawn maintenance workers, and DIY enthusiasts will no longer suffer from gas headaches, expensive engine maintenance, loud noise, exhaust emissions, and even vibration.

According to a study done in 2015, the EPA discovered that “gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment emitted approximately 26.7 million tons of air pollutants and accounted for 24%−45% of all nonroad gasoline emissions in the US”. With battery-powered lawnmowers in the game, gasoline emissions in the US can be reduced while saving your health and money.

The air pollutants that are emitted from these gas-powered machines include nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and even volatile organic compounds (VOCs), all of which negatively affect humans. The American Lung Association studied and found that “exposure to these pollutants can lead to respiratory problems, including asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema.” Your health is crucial as a lawn care professional. Without it, there can be costly detrimental outcomes, from a decline in maintenance performance to having to retire early from getting harmed on the job. 

Cutting to the Chase

A man pushing a Milwaukee Lawn Mower

Overall, the Milwaukee 2823-22HD M18 FUEL 21" Self-Propelled Dual Battery Mower shows how implementing new technologies and designs can change the way lawn maintenance is done. This lawn mower provides maintenance professionals a cleaner, more efficient alternative to push and manual mowers.

With battery-powered self-propelled technology, not only are you easing up on manual labor, but also helping the environment by generating less pollution. The Milwaukee M18 lawn mower offers a greater investment in your outdoor maintenance through superior features like 3-in-1 grass management, no pull start, and a steel deck with a 21’ cut capacity. 

Milwaukee Lawn Mower Frequently Asked Questions

What is the runtime of the M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT HD12.0 Battery used to power the Milwaukee 2823-22HD M18 FUEL Mower?

The Milwaukee M18 lawn mower has two M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT HD12.0 Battery Packs and they provide up to 60 minutes of runtime on a single charge.

How effective is this mower at mulching leaves during the fall?

When it comes to mulching leaves in the fall, the Milwaukee 2823-22HD M18 FUEL mower does it easily, thanks to its optimized steel deck design and higher blade speed. This combo is able to provide superior airflow and increased lift, resulting in a finely mulched lawn.

Can I store the lawn mower vertically?

Yes, the Milwaukee lawn mower can be stored vertically for compact storage.

How do you set the blade height on the Milwaukee lawn mower?

According to the operations manual, setting the blade height before each use is an important first step. Set it for the position that is best for the lawn you are mowing. To set the blade height, first remove the batteries. Once the batteries are removed, raise or lower the blade height using the adjustment level in increments of ½” and then set it into the corresponding notch. Still confused? Read the full operations manual by Milwaukee here.

How does the fuel gauge work on the Milwaukee Lawn Mower?

The fuel gauge determines the lowest battery’s remaining time since the mower works on dual batteries. When the lowest battery is less than 10%, one light will flash four times. Once the battery reaches 0% charge, one light on the fuel gauge will flash eight times.