Milwaukee MX FUEL CARRY-ON Power Supply in use at a jobsite

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The Milwaukee MXF002-2XC MX FUEL CARRY-ON Saves The Day

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In construction and industrial industries, productivity depends on a consistent stream of power. The Milwaukee MXF002-2XC MX FUEL CARRY-ON Portable Generator Kit is tailored to the exacting power demands of job sites.

MX FUEL Battery Generators redefine portable power with versatility and efficiency, catering to aggressive 15A tools and sensitive electronics. Their quiet operation and zero emissions make them ideal for indoor and outdoor use, reducing costs and environmental impact compared to traditional options.

At the core of MX FUEL's reliability is the REDLITHIUM XC406 Battery Pack, known for its industry-leading lithium-ion technology and robust design. Coupled with REDLINK PLUS Intelligence, these generators offer advanced equipment electronics for enhanced performance and protection. With the PURE SINE INVERTER optimizing power delivery, MX FUEL generators prioritize performance, portability, and productivity in any environment.

In 2022, the US portable generators market reached a substantial USD 3.6 billion, with no signs of slowing down, projected to maintain a 4% CAGR from 2023 to 2032. The landscape is evolving with the emergence of battery-powered options , meeting the demand for off-grid power solutions.

These eco-friendly alternatives offer versatility and reliability, powering everything from tools to household appliances. Battery-powered generators, in particular, stand out for their portability and extended battery life, making them indispensable for construction sites and emergencies. As the market progresses, this innovative solution provides a path toward a greener, more efficient future in portable power.

Let's explore the features and specifications of the Milwaukee MXF002-2XC MX FUEL CARRY-ON Portable Generator Kit and its role in sustaining reliable power within work 

Overview of the Milwaukee MXF002-2XC MX FUEL CARRY-ON Portable Generator Kit

Milwaukee MXF002-2XC MX FUEL CARRY-ON Portable Generator Kit in the back of a service vehicle

The Milwaukee MX FUEL CARRY-ON 3600W/1800W Power Supply is engineered to provide temporary power on job sites. Its efficient, quiet, and portable design offers the flexibility to power various tools and electronics wherever needed.

Boasting 3600 peak watts and 1800 continuous watts of pure sine inverter energy, this power supply unit effortlessly handles everything from high-demand 15A tools to sensitive electronics, ensuring a reliable power source for diverse job requirements.

Graphic of benefits of M18 Power Supply: Easier to Use. No Emissions, No Pull Start, No Gas and Oil, No Engine Maintenance

One feature of the Milwaukee MX FUEL CARRY-ON Power Supply is its push start functionality, eliminating the hassle of pull starts commonly found in traditional generators.

Equipped with a durable metal roll cage, it's built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use while emitting no harmful emissions, making it safe for indoor applications.

Graphic of MXF002-2XC MX FUEL Kit contents

Including two MX FUEL XC406 Batteries ensures extended usage without constant recharging. At the same time, the integrated charger enables efficient sequential charging, with the ability to charge an MX FUEL CP203 battery in just 45 minutes and an MX FUEL XC406 battery in 90 minutes. The compact footprint of the MX FUEL CARRY-ON Power Supply makes it suitable for use in any workspace, enhancing its versatility across various job environments.

Its compatibility with ONE-KEY technology allows for seamless tracking, management, and equipment security, providing users peace of mind. REDLINK PLUS INTELLIGENCE ensures maximum performance and protection against overload, overheating, and over-discharge.

Interested in reading more about Milwaukee’s One-Key technology? Check out our blog here on it.

Milwaukee Generator Functionality and Performance

Milwaukee MXF002-2XC in use

This generator uses advanced battery technology, offering a cordless, hassle-free power solution. Simply insert the Milwaukee MX FUEL batteries into the generator and activate the push-to-start feature.

Andrew Lentz, director of product marketing for Milwaukee Tool has emphasized that “Historically, generators have been a frustrating jobsite nuisance" and "Not only do they have to be operated outdoors due to excessive noise, but users must also worry about dangerous emissions, hazardous extension cords, gas prices, and engine repairs. Additionally, users who are reliant on shared power sources such as spider boxes are often met with the frustrations of tripped breakers, extension cords and voltage drops.” 

The Milwaukee MXF002-2XC generator offers consistent power output, ensuring reliability for tools and equipment. It maintains stable power for high-demand tools and sensitive electronics, minimizing disruptions.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, its durability and weather-resistant features suit various environments, such as construction sites and workshops.

Design and Durability

Milwaukee MXF002-2XC MX FUEL CARRY-ON in use

Incorporating ruggedness and durability, the Milwaukee generator becomes an energizing companion in demanding work environments. Crafted with a robust roll-cage construction, it withstands the rigors of daily use on construction sites and outdoor events without compromising performance.

Its weather-resistant design ensures seamless operation in various conditions, from rain to dust storms, while its compact and portable build enhances versatility and ease of transportation.

Compared to other portable generators, Milwaukee balances functionality and aesthetics, offering a sleek yet sturdy solution that inspires confidence in its reliability and performance.

Battery Technology and Efficiency

Milwaukee MX FUEL CARRY-ON Portable Generator Kit  contents

Harnessing cutting-edge battery technology,  the Milwaukee MX FUEL CARRY-ON Portable Generator Kit  delivers efficient and reliable power on demand. Utilizing advanced lithium-ion technology, these batteries boast high energy density and a lightweight design, perfect for portable power solutions.

This generator Carry-on power supply includes two 15A 120V outlets and battery level indicators for each MX FUEL pack, allowing for flexible usage with one or two packs to extend runtime. Inset screw mounts enable easy attachment of an M18/M12 hybrid charger directly onto the Carry-on inverter, enhancing portability and integration with other Milwaukee tools and accessories.

Milwaukee MX FUEL CARRY-ON Portable Generator Kit graphic - More Efficient Power

Milwaukee's MX FUEL Battery Generators also feature a pure sine wave inverter, known for its low THD (total harmonic distortion) and interference reduction with sensitive electronics.

This ensures efficient operation of variable-speed motors and seamless charging for devices on-site. Including a pure sine wave inverter is essential for delivering stable power, particularly for sensitive electronics and appliances, preventing potential damage from irregular power waveforms.

The MX FUEL CARRY-ON Generator Kit offers versatile charging options, with an integrated charger capable of charging up to two MX FUEL batteries sequentially. This efficient feature minimizes downtime, keeping equipment powered and ready for action.

Moreover, Milwaukee batteries are compatible with other tools in the MX FUEL lineup, enhancing utility across applications. Engineered for durability and longevity, Milwaukee batteries include built-in protections against overcharging, overheating, and over-discharging, ensuring consistent performance and reliable power for years to come.

Comparison with Gas-Powered Generators

In a head-to-head comparison with traditional gas-powered generators, the Milwaukee generator showcases its superiority in terms of versatility. Unlike gas generators, it produces zero emissions, making it suitable for indoor use without compromising power.

Andrew Lentz, the Product Marketing Director at Milwaukee Tools, said, “The MX FUEL CARRY-ON Power Supply is not only safer than gas-powered generators, but it can also be used indoors, eliminates the need for gasoline and extension cords, and doesn’t require engine maintenance, thus reducing downtime and allowing users to get jobs done faster.”

The absence of a combustion engine eliminates the need for fuel, reducing operational costs and maintenance efforts. The Milwaukee generator's quiet operation also sets it apart, offering a more conducive working environment on noise-sensitive job sites. Its cordless design eliminates the limitations of cords and cables, providing unmatched flexibility in various settings.

Milwaukee Carry-On Power Supply Generators Comparison Table

Introducing two powerful portable power supply options from Milwaukee: the Milwaukee MXF002-2XC and the Milwaukee M18 2845-20. These units offer versatility and reliability for a range of applications. Here's a brief overview of their key features and specifications:

Milwaukee MXF002-2XC Milwaukee M18 2845-20
Power Source Powered by 1 Battery or 2 to Double the Runtime Powered by 4 M18 Batteries
Charging Integrated Charger to Charge up to Two MX FUEL Batteries Integrated 3A Standard Simultaneous M18 Charger
Starting Watts 3600W 3600W
Running Watts 1800W 1800W
AC Output Two 120V, 15A Two 120V, 15A
Power Type Pure Sine Wave Pure Sine Wave
USB-A No 5V, 2.1A
USB-C No 60W
One-Key Compatible Yes No
Weight 49.7 lb 28.0 lb

Final Thoughts

The Milwaukee MXF002-2XC MX FUEL CARRY-ON Portable Generator Kit is a critical solution for industries reliant on uninterrupted power streams. It has garnered increased attention for its exceptional performance and reliability in powering tools and electronics on job sites. Engineered with a portable, quiet, and efficient design, it offers flexibility and convenience with features like push start functionality and compatibility with ONE-KEY technology.

Harnessing advanced lithium-ion battery technology, this generator ensures seamless workflow integration without sacrificing performance. Its rugged construction, weather-resistant design, and zero emissions make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use, setting it apart from traditional gas generators. From its innovative features to its superior versatility and durability, the Milwaukee MXF002-2XC is an indispensable asset for professionals seeking reliable power solutions in demanding work environments.

Milwaukee Generator Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Milwaukee MX FUEL CARRY-ON Power Supply compatible with other Milwaukee batteries?

Yes, it's compatible with all Milwaukee MX FUEL REDLITHIUM batteries, offering versatility and reliability for various equipment.

Can I track and manage the Milwaukee MX FUEL CARRY-ON Power Supply remotely?

It's ONE-KEY Compatible, allowing you to track, manage, and secure equipment from mobile devices or computers.

What can I power with the Milwaukee MX FUEL CARRY-ON Power Supply?

Thanks to its 1800W continuous running wattage and 3600W starting wattage, you can power everything from aggressive 15A tools to the most sensitive electronics.

How does the Milwaukee MX FUEL CARRY-ON Power Supply compare to traditional gasoline-powered generators?

Unlike traditional generators, the Milwaukee MX FUEL CARRY-ON Power Supply eliminates the need for gasoline, reducing expenses and environmental impact. Additionally, it requires minimal maintenance compared to gasoline engines, reducing downtime and overall costs.

What is the watt-hour capacity of a Milwaukee MX FUEL battery?

The batteries boast approximately 750 watt-hours of capacity. This allows you to operate a hairdryer for 30 minutes, drawing 1500 watts. However, there's a restriction: it's not feasible to plug it into the wall and concurrently power another device.