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Founded in 1924, Milwaukee Tool is celebrating a milestone that not many can say they’ve hit before: its centennial. Over the years, Milwaukee has built its reputation up to be one of the top tool brands in the world, and even after 100 years of providing the trades with reliable, tough, and advanced technological solutions, they still strive to meet the demands of their consumers.

Their commitment to learning each trade's pain points and finding a solution for them has been a driving force in their marketing and innovation processes for several years after changing the course of the way that they operate.

Milwaukee's CEO, Steve Richman, who was recently appointed as the CEO of Milwaukee's parent company, Techtronic Industries, has highlighted each year at the Milwaukee Pipeline event the importance of being on the work site with their core trade professionals and earning the right to partner with them.

Originally called the Milwaukee Tool Symposium, the Pipeline event has a tradition of providing the media and a select few industry professionals with a first look at exciting new tools, accessories, technological advancements, and more. Hosted by Milwaukee’s Group President and other top executives, it’s a chance to see and try out the latest innovations firsthand.

Steve Richman CEO addressing the crowd at Milwaukee Pipeline

If you’re attending the upcoming Milwaukee Tool Pipeline event on June 27th, get ready to see their latest tool catalog for 2024 and 2025. This lineup includes power tools, hand tools, upgraded batteries, chargers, and accessories.

They’ll also talk about all of the trades that they focus on, such as general contracting, electrical, power utility, plumbing, HVAC, mechanical, automotive, and equipment maintenance, landscaping and tree care, carpentry, and remodeling.

To stay ahead in the industry, you’ll want to keep track of the latest details and developments that arise from this event, as Milwaukee tends to pack it with information and new tool technology. Don’t worry, though, even though the event tends to be hush-hush before the actual date, once it’s finished, expect to see everyone talking about it.

Check out Milwaukee's Countdown to Milwaukee Pipeline 2024 below:

Now, let’s talk about Milwaukee Pipeline as a whole and what we can expect from this year's Tool Symposium. From winning tickets to next year's event to an exclusive look at the new tools they’ll be showcasing, Milwaukee Pipeline 2024 is the place to be. 

What is Milwaukee Pipeline?

Milwaukee Pipeline started over 18 years ago and has evolved into a celebration of innovation that shakes the ground of the tool trade industry. By creating a platform professionals can get firsthand looks at the latest products and technologies in order to bridge the gap between tool manufacturers and users.

It’s a multifaceted event in terms of its purpose. At the center of it all, it focuses on introducing new tool technology by providing everyone with a first-ever look at what is to be available in the coming months and year.

It seems that they release a majority of the tools that will be shown during the event on their website so people can have a better idea of what they should be looking forward to, but there are always surprises during the event itself. 

Group of Milwaukee Pipeline attendees
Image Courtesy of Auto Service World

Though the aim of the event is to show off their new tools, it also allows professionals and the media to handle products directly, ask questions, network, share insights, and even provide feedback on them to Milwaukee representatives. 

New Product Launches

Milwaukee Pipeline 2024 has over 65+ new products they’ll be demonstrating and showing off. We can expect to see a wide range of tools, from power tools and hand tools to smart technology and more. More specifically, the M18, M12, and MX Fuel systems.

Check out Milwaukee’s new and coming soon tools featured on their Milwaukee Pipeline page. 

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Pipeline Inspection Systems

Hoists and Nailers

Milwaukee 2983-22HD M18™ Compat 1-Ton Chain Hoist w/ ONE-KEY™

Check out this video of Milwaukee's new Chain Hoist in action and see what professionals are saying about it:

Cable Cutters

  • M18 FORCE LOGIC 5” Underground Cable Cutter w/ Wireless Remote (2875R-21)

MX FUEL Equipment

  • MX FUEL 70kg Rammer Kit (MXF270-2HD) (AVAILABLE FALL 2024)

  • MX FUEL High Cycle Concrete Vibrator Kit (MXF372-2XC) (AVAILABLE AUGUST 2024)

  • MX FUEL 1 HP 2" Submersible Pump Kit (MXF211-1XC) (AVAILABLE FALL 2024)

  • MX FUEL Portable Battery Extension (MXF010-0) (AVAILABLE JULY 2024)

  • MX FUEL ROCKET Dual Power Compact Tower Light (MXF040-1XC) (AVAILABLE JULY 2024)

Outdoor Power Equipment

  • Chainsaws
    • M18 FUEL 20" Dual Battery Chainsaw (2827-22) (AVAILABLE AUGUST 2024)
  • Power Heads
    • M18 FUEL Power Head w/ QUIK-LOK (3016-20) (AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2024)

  • String Trimmers

    • M18 FUEL String Trimmer w/ QUIK-LOK (3016-20ST) (AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2024)

    • M18 FUEL 16" String Trimmer (3046-20) (AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2024)

  • Pole Saws

    • M18 FUEL Pole Saw w/ QUIK-LOK (3016-20PS) (AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2024)

  • Edgers

    • M18 FUEL Edger (3011-20) (AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2024)

  • Hedge Trimmers

    • M18 FUEL Short Pole Hedge Trimmer (3043-20) (AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2024)

    • M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmers (24" & 30") (3033-20) (AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2024)

    • M18 FUEL Pole Articulating Hedge Trimmer (3012-20) (AVAILABLE MARCH 2025)

    • M18 FUEL Extended Pole Articulating Hedge Trimmer (3035-20)(AVAILABLE MARCH 2025)

  • Sprayers

    • M18 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer w/ SWITCHTANK (AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2024)

Fastening & Automotive

Milwaukee M12 Auto Shop Borescope  application photo
  • Impact Wrenches

    • M12 FUEL Stubby Impact Wrenches Gen II (AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2024)

  • Protective Boots

    • M12 FUEL Stubby Protective Boot (AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2024)

  • Lights

    • M18 Magnetic Extendable Boom Light (2129-20) (AVAILABLE JULY 2024)

  • Sanders

    • M12 FUEL 6" Random Orbital Sander - 3/32" (2584-20) (AVAILABLE JANUARY 2025)

    • M12 FUEL 6" Random Orbital Sander - 3/16" (2585-20) (AVAILABLE JANUARY 2025)

  • Borescopes

    • M12 Auto Shop Borescope w/ Wi-Fi File Sharing (3151-21) (AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2024)


  • Circular Saws
    • M18 FUEL 7-1/4" Circular Saw (2834-20) (AVAILABLE JULY 2024)
    • M18 FUEL 7-1/4" Rear Handle Circular Saw (2930-20) (AVAILABLE EARLY 2025)
    • M18 FUEL 6-1/2" Circular Saw (2833-20) (AVAILABLE JUNE 2024)
    • M12 FUEL 5-3/8" Circular Saw (2521-20) (AVAILABLE MAY 2024)
  • Saw Blades

    • Thick Kerf Framing Circular Saw Blades (48-40-0740) (AVAILABLE JULY 2024)
  • Nailers

    • M18 FUEL Duplex Nailer & Nails (2844-20) (AVAILABLE AUGUST 2024)

    • M18 FUEL Coil Roofing Nailer (2909-20) (AVAILABLE OCTOBER 2024)

  • Sanders

    • M12 FUEL 3" Random Orbital Detail Sander (2535-20) (AVAILABLE AUGUST 2024)

  • Sanding Discs

    • 3" Mesh Sanding Discs w/ POWERGRID Tear Resistant Mesh (AVAILABLE AUGUST 2024)

Metal Working & Rotary Hammers

  • Grinders

    • M18 FUEL 4-1/2"-6" Variable Speed Braking Grinder, Paddle Switch w/ ONE-KEY (3672-20) (AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2024)

  • Band Saws

    • M18 FUEL Deep Cut Band Saw (2929-20) (AVAILABLE DECEMBER 2024)

  • Rotary Hammers

    • M18 FUEL Overhead Rotary Hammer w/ Integrated Dust Extraction (3311-22) (AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2024)

    • M12 FUEL 5/8" SDS PLUS Rotary Hammer (2508-20) (AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2024)
    • M18 FUEL 5/8" SDS PLUS Rotary Hammer w/ Dust Extractor (2908-22DE) (AVAILABLE JULY 2024)
  • Chain Hoists

    • M18 Compact 1-Ton Chain Hoist w/ ONE-KEY (2983-22HD) (AVAILABLE JULY 2024)

PACKOUT Storage Solutions

Wrench Sets

Batteries & Chargers

  • M18 REDLITHIUM FORGE HD12.0 Battery (48-11-1813) (AVAILABLE AUGUST 2024)
  • M18 REDLITHIUM FORGE XC8.0 Battery (48-11-1881) (AVAILABLE AUGUST 2024)

  • M18 Six Bay Daisy Chain RAPID Charger (48-59-1817) (AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 2025)

  • M18 Dual Bay Simultaneous Super Charger w/ 4 Point Mounting (48-59-1816) (AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 2025)

  • MX FUEL Rapid Charger (MXFRC) (AVAILABLE Q2 2025)

Other Accessories

New Milwaukee Tools Available Now




Milwaukee 3017-20 M18 FUEL Blower


  • MX FUEL ROCKET Dual Power Compact Tower Light Kit (MXF040-1XC)

Laser Levels

Tubing Cutters

Pruning and Hydraulic Tools


Power Supplies

Milwaukee 3300R ROLL-ON 7200W/3600W 2.5kWh Power Supply

Safety Gear


Press Tools and Kits

¼”- 1-1/8” ZoomLock MAX Press Jaw Kit for M12 FORCE LOGIC Press Tools

Saw Blades

Combo Kits

Rotary Hammers

For more information about Milwaukee’s new and coming soon tools, visit their website here

Stats and Highlights from Milwaukee Pipeline 2023

According to Milwaukee Tool statistics, Milwaukee Pipeline 2023 was a success. It generated substantial media coverage and online engagement across social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, amounting to over 414 mentions and 350,000 earned engagements, reaching roughly 30.5 million users.

On the digital front, the Milwaukee Pipeline event significantly boosted traffic from August 7th to 15th. The Pipeline Page saw 68,000 visitors and 165,000 pageviews, driven mainly by email campaigns and organic searches. Similarly, the Pipeline PIPs section attracted 117,000 visitors and 311,000 product views, with organic search being the primary driver.

Milwaukee Pipeline web page

Milwaukee's website experienced a substantial increase of 147,000 visitors and 476,000 pageviews during the overall event. The average daily pageviews for the Pipeline Page surged by 260%, and Pipeline PIPs saw a 289% increase.

Notably, the M18 REDLITHIUM FORGE XC6.0 Battery accounted for around 20% of product views, highlighting its popularity.

I predict that this year's Pipeline event will probably maintain this momentum or even double it, depending on the new tools that are released and shown on the day of the event.

Milwaukee's 100-Year Celebration: A Chance to Win Big

For over 100 years, Milwaukee has been an industry leader in disruptive innovation across many different industries. There always seems to be something new coming from Milwaukee, and they are constantly seen ranking relatively high, if not on top of best tool lists.

If you’re interested in being a part of Milwaukee’s 100-year milestone, they invite you to join the celebration by  entering their 100-Year Drawing  . Milwaukee emphasized that this is more than just a contest to them; it’s a chance to be part of Milwaukee’s legacy and to look forward to the next century of innovation.

Milwaukee Pipeline Sweepstakes Graphic

By entering the 100-Year Drawing, you could win some amazing prizes, including limited-edition swag gear and tools that pay homage to Milwaukee’s 100-year history. But the real highlight is the chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to Milwaukee, WI, for the 2025 Milwaukee Pipeline event! This is the big prize everyone is going to be shooting for.

Milwaukee seems to be quite generous with their prizes for this drawing, offering multiple levels to win.

The Five Grand Prize Winners will win VIP access to PIPELINE 2025, along with free tools and more. Each of the five grand prize winners will also get to bring a guest with them! So, I’d suggest teaming up with someone to enter as well and give yourselves more chances to win. This is an exclusive opportunity to see firsthand what’s next in Milwaukee’s tool innovation and to connect with industry leaders and fellow Milwaukee fans.

Next, Milwaukee offers the Five Runner-Up Winners free tools and swag. So, even if you don’t win the big grand prize, five lucky winners can also receive free tools or swag.

The drawing winners don’t end there, though. I told you Milwaukee was being generous in the number of winners they are choosing because ten monthly winners will also receive 100-Year Swag, adding even more excitement to the year-long celebration.

Do I qualify for the drawing?

This drawing is open to legal residents of all 50 United States and Canada (excluding Quebec) aged 18 and over. No purchase is necessary to enter or win, and the odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received only.

Entries are accepted from February 1, 2024, to October 31, 2024. To enter, simply visit the contest website and follow the on-screen instructions.

Milwaukee also offers you the optional choice to submit a testimonial or image with your entry. Submitting this optional testimonial does not improve your chances of winning the drawing.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this historic celebration and win tickets to next year’s Milwaukee Pipeline in 2025. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate the past, present, and future of Milwaukee Tools.

Milwaukee Pipeline 2024: Celebrating a Century, Shaping the Future

The Milwaukee Pipeline event showcases cutting-edge tools and technologies designed to meet the evolving needs of various trades and their professionals.

With a focus on sustainability, user-centric design, and advanced digital integrations, Milwaukee continues to push the boundaries of jobsite solutions. The Pipeline event provides a platform for professionals to engage with new products, offer feedback, and connect with industry peers.

If you're attending Milwaukee Pipeline 2024, get ready for groundbreaking products, insightful presentations, and valuable networking opportunities. This event is a must for anyone looking to stay ahead in the tool industry.

Milwaukee Pipeline Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information after the event?

Milwaukee Tool’s website is the best place to get detailed info on new releases. They also post updates on their social media channels. Check out the hashtag #MilwaukeeTool 

What is the Milwaukee Tool Pipeline 2024?

The Milwaukee Tool Pipeline 2024 is Milwaukee’s annual event, during which they unveil their latest tools and innovations. Think of it as a sneak peek into the future of tools and tech for the job site.

Will there be live demos during the event?

Yes, one of the highlights of the Pipeline event is seeing the tools in action. Milwaukee typically features live demos to showcase the capabilities and innovations of its new products.

Can I watch past Milwaukee Pipeline events?

Yes, recordings of past events are typically available on the Milwaukee Tool website or their official YouTube channel. These recordings provide a good overview of previous product launches and demonstrations.

How can I enter into Milwaukee’s 100-Year Drawing?

  1. Visit the contest website between February 1, 2024, and October 31, 2024.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to submit your entry.

  3. No purchase is necessary, and the contest is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and Canada (excluding Quebec) aged 18 and over.

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