A Milwaukee Impact Driver in use

Milwaukee Impact Drivers: Our Top Picks

Let's say you're working on a construction project, installing drywall panels onto studs with a standard drill driver. You might find it challenging to drive screws efficiently and securely, especially through thick and dense materials like drywall and wood.

However, the task becomes much smoother with a  Milwaukee Impact Driver  . As you engage the impact driver, its powerful torque effortlessly drives screws deep into the studs, ensuring a secure fit.

This guide will help you choose the best Milwaukee impact driver for any task. We will cover categories like Best Overall, Quietest Operation, Lightweight, Angled, Budget-Friendly, Compact, Subcompact, and 4-in-1 Solution.

Additionally, we'll showcase the top 12V and 18V combo Milwaukee combo kits. Plus, we'll discuss key considerations to ensure you select the right tool for your needs.

Let's discover the impact driver that will have the greatest impact on your projects.

The Best Overall Milwaukee 2953-20 M18 FUEL 1/4" Hex Impact Driver

Milwaukee 2953-20 M18 FUEL 1/4" Hex Impact Driver in use

Unmatched Power defines  the Milwaukee 2953-20 M18 FUEL 1/4" Hex Impact Driver,  featuring a POWERSTATE Brushless motor for unparalleled strength and diverse application capabilities. Ultimate Trigger Control ensures precise operation, while Tri-LED Lighting brightens workspaces for enhanced visibility. Check out the pros and cons list below.


  • Fastest Driving Speed: With the fastest driving speed of any impact driver, users can increase productivity on the job site without sacrificing power or control. The 3900 RPM ensures quick and efficient fastening, saving time and effort.
  • 4-Mode Drive Control: The 4-mode drive control gives users greater control over output speed and power, allowing for customization based on the specific requirements of different tasks and materials.

  • Single-Handed Bit Insertion: Single-handed bit insertion ensures ease of use and convenience, saving time and effort during bit changes and enhancing overall user experience.

  • All-Metal Belt Clip: The all-metal belt clip provides portability and convenience, allowing users to keep the impact driver within reach without compromising durability.


Hex Drive Size: Limited versatility with non-standard or larger fasteners due to the 1/4 inch hex drive size, potentially requiring additional adapters or tools for compatibility, increasing complexity and cost.

The Best for Quiet Operation Milwaukee 2760-20 M18 FUEL SURGE 1/4" Hex Hydraulic Driver

The Milwaukee 2760-20 M18 FUEL SURGE 1/4" Hex Hydraulic Driver has a POWERSTATE Brushless Motor and achieves speeds of 0-3,000 RPM for efficient screwing. Compatible with REDLITHIUM Compact or Extended Capacity Batteries, it ensures extended work per charge. The 4-Mode DRIVE CONTROL offers versatile output speed and power adjustment. Now, let's check out the pros and cons below to understand why this Milwaukee impact driver is best for quiet operation jobs.


  • Quiet Operation: With its FLUID-DRIVE Hydraulic Powertrain, the Milwaukee 2760-20 M18 FUEL SURGE 1/4" Hex Hydraulic Driver offers up to 50% quieter operation compared to standard impacts, making it ideal for environments where noise reduction is crucial.

  • Reduced Vibration: The FLUID-DRIVE technology also reduces vibration by 3X, resulting in smoother operation and less user fatigue during prolonged use.

  • Advanced Protection: The REDLINK PLUS Intelligence system prevents damage to the tool and battery from overloading or overheating, ensuring long-term durability and reliability.

  • Compact and Lightweight: At 5 inches long and 2.81 pounds in weight, this hydraulic driver is compact and lightweight, enhancing maneuverability and reducing user fatigue.


  • Lower IPM Range: 0 - 4000 IPM

  • Lower Maximum Torque: 450 in-lbs

Wondering what sets Milwaukee FUEL apart from Surge? 
Check out  our blog  to understand the differences between the two.

The Best Angled Milwaukee 2667-20 M18 2-Speed 1/4" Right Angle Impact Driver

Milwaukee 2667-20 M18 2-Speed 1/4" Right Angle Impact Driver in use

Maximizing access with its 1.4" head profile,  the Milwaukee 2667-20 M18 2-Speed 1/4" Right Angle Impact Driver  offers versatility in tight spaces. Its 2-speed Drive-Control ensures precise speed and torque adjustments for diverse applications. Equipped with a 1/4" hex drive and 1" bit acceptance, it accommodates a broad range of accessories, enhancing its adaptability for various fastening tasks. Explore the pros and cons of this angled impact driver below to assess its suitability for your requirements.


  • Extended Paddle Switch: The extended paddle switch provides multiple grip options, enhancing user comfort and control during operation, especially in prolonged use or challenging working conditions.

  • High-Performance Specifications: The impact driver delivers reliable power and performance with an 18V voltage and M18 REDLITHIUM battery compatibility.

  • Proprietary 2-Mode Drive Control: The Milwaukee 2667-20 is the only tool in its class to offer multiple speed/torque modes through proprietary 2-Mode Drive Control, allowing users to tailor performance to specific applications for optimal results.

  • LED Light: The built-in LED light illuminates work surfaces, enhancing visibility and accuracy in dimly lit environments, ensuring precise and efficient fastening.


  • Drive Size: One potential drawback of the 1/4" hex drive size is its limitation in accommodating larger or specialized bits commonly used for heavy-duty applications.

  • Lower RPM Range: 0 - 2,250

The Best Budget-Friendly Impact Driver Milwaukee 2656-20 M18 1/4" Hex Impact Driver

Milwaukee 2656-20 M18 1/4" Hex Impact Driver in use

Featuring  the Milwaukee 2656-20 M18 1/4" Hex Impact Driver,  this equipment offers high performance with up to 2,750 RPM, 3,450 IPM, and 1,500 in-lbs of torque, ensuring efficiency across tasks. Integrated REDLINK Intelligence guarantees optimized performance and overload protection. It's ideal for various jobs, with an LED light for visibility and a reversible belt clip for convenience. Take a look at the pros and cons of this impact driver below. 


  • Powerful Motor: The Milwaukee 2656-20 M18 1/4" Hex Impact Driver features a Milwaukee 4-Pole Frameless Motor, providing longer life, more power, and more runtime than brushed competitors, ensuring durability and reliability in various applications.

  • Efficient Impact Mechanism: Designed for maximum power and application speed, the impact mechanism delivers greater efficiency on the job, allowing for quick and precise fastening tasks.

  • Compact and Lightweight : With a length of 5-1/2" and a weight of 3.1 lbs, the impact driver is compact and lightweight, offering excellent maneuverability and reducing user fatigue during extended use.


  • Weight: At 3.1 lbs, this impact driver may feel slightly heavier compared to other models in its class, potentially leading to fatigue during extended use.

  • Size : While it offers an excellent power-to-size ratio, 5-1/2" length might be slightly longer than some users prefer for accessing tight spaces or working in confined areas.

  • No Load RPM: While the driver boasts impressive torque, the no-load RPM range of 0-2,750 is considered slightly lower than other models, impacting speed in certain fastening tasks.

The Best Lightweight and Portable Milwaukee 3651-20 M18 Compact Brushless 1/4" Hex 3-Speed Impact Driver

Milwaukee 3651-20 M18 Compact Brushless 1/4" Hex 3-Speed Impact Driver

With an all-metal gearcase and gears,  the Milwaukee 3651-20 M18 Impact Driver  ensures steadfast performance in demanding environments. Boasting 1,700 in-lbs. of peak torque and a maximum RPM of 3600, it excels in handling tough materials and driving fasteners with precision. Equipped with a Powerful Brushless Motor, it quickly completes common applications while extending its lifespan. Check out the pros and cons below. 


  • Compact Size: The Milwaukee 3651-20 M18 Compact Brushless 1/4" Hex 3-Speed Impact Driver boasts a compact design, measuring only 4.4" in length and 2.1" in width. This compact size allows unparalleled access in tight spaces, making it ideal for various applications where maneuverability is key.

  • 3-Mode Drive Control: With the inclusion of 3-Mode Drive Control, users gain better control over the tool's output speed and power. This feature enables customization based on the specific requirements of the task at hand, enhancing versatility and precision in operation.

  • Compatibility: As part of the M18 system, the Compact Brushless Impact Driver is compatible with over 250+ solutions, offering users a wide range of options to expand their tool arsenal and tackle diverse tasks effectively.


  • Torque for Heavy-Duty Applications: While the impact driver offers 1,700 in-lbs. of peak torque, it may not be sufficient for certain heavy-duty applications, such as driving large bolts or screws into dense materials. To ensure efficient and effective performance, users tackling such tasks may require a more powerful impact driver with higher torque capabilities.

  • Limited Variable Speed Range: While the impact driver features variable speed control, the range may not be as extensive as desired for certain applications. Users requiring finer control over speed settings for specific tasks may find the available range restrictive, limiting the tool's versatility in different work scenarios.

The Best Subcompact Milwaukee 3453-20 M12 FUEL 1/4" Hex Impact Driver

Milwaukee 3453-20 M12 FUEL 1/4" Hex Impact Driver in use

This impact driver is  the fastest Subcompact and Most Compact in its class  . It provides superior access in tight spaces at only 5" long and 7.6" tall (with an M12 CP 2.0 Ah battery). Tri-LEDs ensure maximum workspace visibility, while integrated REDLINK PLUS Intelligence optimizes thermal performance and power management for continuous fastening. Check out the pros and cons below. 


  • Compatible with M12 System: The impact driver is part of the MILWAUKEE M12 System. It offers compatibility with over 125 tools and provides users with a versatile and expandable platform for their cordless power tool needs.

  • Compact and Lightweight: With a length of only 5 inches and weighing just 2 pounds, this impact driver is incredibly compact and lightweight, providing exceptional maneuverability and reducing fatigue during extended use.

  • Tri-LED Illumination: Tri-LED lighting illuminates the workspace, minimizing shadows and enhancing visibility, which is particularly beneficial when working in dimly lit environments or tight spaces.

  • 4-Mode Drive Control: The 4-Mode Drive Control, including a dedicated self-tapping screw mode, offers versatility and precision, allowing users to adjust speed and power according to the specific requirements of each task.


  • Limited Torque Compared to Larger Models: While offering impressive torque for its size, the 1,500 in-lbs. torque may be insufficient for certain heavy-duty applications, making it less suitable for tasks requiring higher torque levels.

The Best 4-in-1 Solution Milwaukee 2505-20 M12 FUEL Installation Drill/Driver

Milwaukee 2505-20 M12 FUEL Installation Drill/Driver in use

Equipped with a POWERSTATE Brushless Motor,  the Milwaukee 2505-20 M12 FUEL Installation Drill/Driver  delivers up to 300 in-lbs of max torque to easily tackle your toughest drilling and driving tasks. Featuring four dedicated heads - a 3/8” Chuck, Offset Driver, ¼” Hex, and Right Angle - that can attach in 16 different positions, this drill/driver provides a 4-in-1 drilling and driving solution designed to reach uniquely challenging locations. Check out the pros and cons below. 


  • Versatility : The M12 FUEL Installation Drill/Driver offers four dedicated solutions in one tool, including a 3/8” Chuck, Offset Driver, ¼” Hex, and Right Angle attachment, providing versatility for various drilling and driving tasks.

  • Unrivaled Access and Control: With its slim tool profile, inline grip, and flat top design, this drill/driver offers excellent control and access to tight spaces, making it ideal for challenging installation jobs.

  • Magnetic Bit Holder: The front of the tool features a magnetic bit holder that securely holds multiple bits, saving time and enhancing productivity by reducing the need to constantly switch accessories.

  • Compact and Lightweight: Weighing only 2.0 lbs with the battery attached and measuring 5.12” wide, this drill/driver is lightweight and compact, providing easy maneuverability and reduced fatigue during extended use.


  • Compatibility: While compatible with all M12 batteries, users who do not already own M12 batteries will need to invest in a battery and charger system, adding to the overall cost of ownership.

  • Storage Bag: While the compartmentalized contractor bag included with the drill/driver is convenient for organizing attachments, some users may prefer a more durable or rugged storage solution for transporting and protecting the tool and accessories.

The Best 12V Combo Milwaukee 3497-22 M12 FUEL 2-Tool Combo Kit

Milwaukee 3497-22 M12 FUEL 2-Tool Combo Kit, 2551-20 in use

The impact driver within  the Milwaukee 3497-22 M12 Fuel Combo Kit  boasts Tri-LED work lights encircling the bit accessory in the work environment. This setup ensures optimal visibility, minimizing shadows and enhancing precision, particularly in dimly lit areas. Coupled with an all-metal gearcase, these tools are engineered to endure the demanding conditions of job sites, promising lasting reliability and unwavering performance. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this 12V combo kit.


  • Powerful Performance : The Milwaukee M12 FUEL 2-Tool Combo Kit boasts the most powerful subcompact drill and the fastest subcompact impact driver, providing users with efficient and effective performance for various applications.

  • Compact Design : Offering the most compact drill and impact driver, the kit provides excellent access in tight spaces where maneuverability is crucial, enhancing versatility and usability on the job site.

  • Advanced Technology : The kit includes advanced features such as REDLINK PLUS Intelligence and 4-Mode Drive Control with dedicated self-tapping screw mode, enhancing user experience by providing optimal performance, protection against overloading, and precise control over driving applications.


  • Limited Battery Options: While the kit includes M12 REDLITHIUM XC 4.0Ah and CP 2.0Ah battery packs, users may be restricted to Milwaukee's proprietary battery system, limiting compatibility with other brands or types of batteries they already own.

  • Higher Price Point: The advanced features and performance of the Milwaukee M12 FUEL 2-Tool Combo Kit may come at a higher initial cost than other subcompact drill and impact driver kits on the market, which could be a consideration for budget-conscious users.

The Best 18V Combo Milwaukee 2893-22CX M18 Brushless Hammer Drill/Impact Combo Kit

Milwaukee 2893-22CX M18 Brushless Hammer Drill/Impact Combo Kit, in use

The REDLINK Intelligence system provides advanced overload protection, safeguarding against abuse and ensuring prolonged tool and battery life within  the Milwaukee 2893-22CX M18 Brushless Hammer Drill/Impact Combo Kit  . With the M18 REDLITHIUM XC 4.0 Extended Capacity Battery Pack and M18 REDLITHIUM CP2.0 Battery Pack, superior battery performance is assured, offering more work per charge and extended pack life. Check out the pros and cons of this combo kit. 


  • Versatile Combo Kit: The Milwaukee 2893-22CX M18 Brushless Hammer Drill/Impact Combo Kit includes both the 1/2” Brushless Hammer Drill Driver and the 1/4” Hex Compact Brushless Impact Driver, offering versatility for various drilling and fastening tasks.

  • Powerful Performance: The M18 1/2” Brushless Hammer Drill Driver boasts 725 in.-lbs. of torque, making it the most powerful drill in its class. The M18 1/4” Hex Compact Brushless Impact Driver delivers 1,600 in.-lbs. of torque, ensuring efficient and effective fastening.

  • Durable Construction: Featuring an all-metal gear case and 1/2 in. metal chuck, both tools provide maximum impact and shock durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding work environments.

  • Efficient Brushless Motor: Equipped with Milwaukee brushless motors, the tools are optimized for efficiency, delivering more run-time and longer life than traditional brushed motors.


  • Higher Initial Investment: While the combo kit offers excellent value with two high-quality tools and accessories included, the initial cost may be higher compared to purchasing individual tools or kits with fewer components.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Milwaukee Impact Driver

Milwaukee Impact Driver in use on cabinets

Milwaukee impact drivers may blend in with drill drivers and hammer drills at first glance, but closer inspection reveals crucial distinctions. Understanding their technical aspects helps buyers make informed choices.

Why do professionals choose impact drivers? 

They offer power-packed performance, speedy screw driving, compact and lightweight design for easy maneuverability, and versatility across various applications. From heavy-duty construction to delicate tasks like furniture assembly, Milwaukee impact drivers stand out for their power, speed, portability, and versatility, making them the top choice for professionals who demand excellence.

  • Torque and Power: Evaluate the different models' torque range and power output. Consider your tasks and choose a model with sufficient torque and power to handle them effectively.

  • Speed and Impact Rate: Look for impact drivers with variable speed settings or multiple speed ranges to match performance to the task. Consider the impact rate, measured in impacts per minute (IPM), influencing driving force and efficiency.

  • Battery Voltage and Runtime: Decide between 12V and 18V models based on your performance needs and preferences for weight and size. Consider the battery's Amp hours (Ah) to ensure sufficient runtime between charges, especially for extended or intensive use.

  • Brushless Motor Technology: Opt for impact drivers equipped with brushless motors for enhanced efficiency, durability, and overall performance compared to older brush motor designs.

  • Noise Level and Safety: Be mindful of the noise level produced by the impact driver, especially if you'll be using it in commercial settings. Consider wearing hearing protection, such as earmuffs or earplugs, to safeguard your hearing health.

  • Ergonomics and Comfort: Assess the design and ergonomics of the impact driver, including grip comfort, balance, and overall handling. Choose a model that feels comfortable and intuitive to use for extended periods without causing fatigue or discomfort.

  • Durability and Warranty: Consider the build quality, construction materials, and reputation for reliability when selecting a Milwaukee impact driver. Look for models backed by warranties or guarantees to provide peace of mind regarding long-term durability and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Milwaukee Impact Drivers

What is the advantage of using a brushless motor in Milwaukee Impact Drivers?

Milwaukee Impact Drivers equipped with brushless motors offer enhanced efficiency, durability, and overall performance compared to older brush motor designs. They deliver consistent power output, extended runtime, and reduced maintenance requirements.

How does the REDLINK Intelligence system benefit Milwaukee Impact Drivers?

The REDLINK Intelligence system in Milwaukee Impact Drivers ensures optimized performance, prevents overloading, and protects against overheating. It facilitates communication between the tool, battery, and charger, maximizing efficiency and extending lifespan.

What is the difference between Milwaukee FUEL and regular models?

What sets apart the Milwaukee impact driver FUEL from the regular models is their torque and drive power. The FUEL line, deemed superior among their brushless tools, boasts enhanced power and torque capabilities. Leveraging brushless motor technology, FUEL tools maximize power output, providing users optimal performance and efficiency.

Do M18 batteries work with M18 FUEL tools?

Milwaukee's M18 batteries are fully compatible with M18 tools and chargers. Likewise, M12 batteries are designed to work seamlessly with M12 tools and chargers, while MX FUEL batteries are engineered explicitly for MX FUEL equipment and chargers.

How does the 4-Mode Drive Control feature benefit users of Milwaukee Impact Drivers?

The 4-Mode Drive Control feature allows users to adjust the impact driver's speed and power settings based on the task's specific requirements. This provides greater versatility and precision, allowing users to tailor the tool's performance to suit different applications and materials.